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PUBG Mobile New Updates

Latest News Update About PUBG Mobile:- Royal Pass season 8 features many new features found with the new gun

Online multiplayer game player, Anonymous Battleground (PUBG) is getting a new 0.13.5 update from Tancent Games. This in-game update has been rolled offshore. After this the players will get OS-themed skin and items in addition to the Royal Pass season 8 plus many new features. This new update has a large key-edition new PP-19 submissions.
The new PP-19 Fifth Generation is a machine gun and it uses 9mm munition like UMP9 and Uzi. This new gun will be available to players on Vicendi and Arngeal maps. However, this new Submachine gun does not support upgraded attachments such as Extended Magazine. Overseas Datacable Magazine combines with 53 rounds, which is much better than the previous machine's machine gun. The single shot rate of this gun shot is 35.

  • Revenge UI design

This update on Android is 158 MB and iOS 181 MB. Installing this new update before July 22, players will get Parachute Train 1 Skin Free and 1,888 Battle Points will also be available as Rewards. In addition, the UI has got a new design in the new season and new rewords are also included. Players will get season 8 outfits on Gold Tire, Exclusive Weapon on Diamond Tire, Special Team Joining Effect and Name Tag on Crown Tire. These Rewards players will be available in the last of the season.

  • Found new HDR mode

HDR mode has also been provided for premium devices and the company has brought better graphics in it. Third Person Perspective (TPP) has also come in Deathmatch mode and the players playing at the lower than the Gold Tier will be automatically reached in the next season. Apart from this, with the help of a new feature, users will be able to request Elite Pass or Elite Plus Pass from their friends from the Royal Pass Purchase page. New items are also included in the BP Shop for Prime Subscribers. Even with the help of UC, new bonuses and rewards will be available now.

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