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Osama bin Laden's son Hamza was killed

Osama bin Laden's son Hamza was killed, the US had placed him on his head - a reward of 7 million rupees

In February 2019, a US $ 100 million prize was announced on behalf of the US State Department. According to both reports, he was killed in February 2019 before the US State Department announced a reward of 10 million US dollars on his head.

Hamza bin Laden dead, American media quoted US officials on Wednesday as saying that Hamza bin Laden, son of Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden's son Hamza bin Laden, was killed. According to NBC News, three US officials confirmed that they had information about the killing of Hamza bin Laden, but they refused to give information about place and date. Likewise, the New York Times has told two US officials that in the last two years, they were killed in the operation of the US military. According to the NBC report, President Donald Trump neither confirmed nor denied this, after being questioned by journalists at the Oval Office. He said, 'I do not want to comment on this.'
According to both reports, in February 2019, he was killed before the US State Department announced a reward of 10 million US dollars on his head. Announcing the reward on his head, the State Department had said that 15th son of Osama bin Laden's 20 children is about 30 years old. It was said that it was emerging as the leader of Al Qaeda. He was born from the third wife of bin Laden.

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tonight I can report to the Americanpeople and to the world that the UnitedStates has conducted an operation thatkilled Osama bin Laden the leader ofal-qaeda spontaneous patrioticcelebration at the death of public enemynumber one outside the White Housegood evening the al Qaeda leader Osamabin Laden is dead killed by AmericanSpecial Forces who raided his hideout inPakistan in the early hours of themorning his body has already beencommitted to the sea from a US warshipthe fortified compound where he wasliving was in Abbottabad north of thePakistani capital Islamabad and within amile of the military academy ourWashington correspondent Sarah Smithreports on the mission

     that took theworld by surprise these remarkablepictures from right inside his compoundshow us exactly where Osama bin Ladenwas finally killed the blood you can seeon the floor evidence of how he was shotin the head through his left eye afterhe fired at the US forces who'd come toget him from inside the White House thepresident watched a live video feed ofevery heart-stopping moment at mydirection the United States launched atargeted operation against that compoundin Abbottabad Pakistan a small team ofAmericans carried out the operation withextraordinary courage and capability noAmericans were harmed they took care toavoid civilian casualties after afirefight they killed Osama bin Ladenand took custody of his body months ofintelligence work had led the u.s.

    to abat Abad about 50 miles north of thecapital Islamabad and very near a majorPakistani military training base ushelicopters set off from their base inKarbala around 30 miles away as the twochoppers arrived to hover and lower 12Navy SEALs to the ground onemalfunctioned and was forced to land theseals stormed the compound in afirefight ensued killing bin Laden threeman including bin Laden's son and awoman a third emergency helicopter thenflew in and together with the firstchopper flew off with the body of Osamabin Laden and all 12 Special Forces onboard they deliberately destroyed thebroken chopper on the ground in amassive explosion as they left I heardthe helicopters coming they came in fastand low then after some time they werecircling over the place then the firstbang came three other consecutive bangscame then there was one fifth final bangwhich made the whole sky orange theflames from the burning helicopter couldbe seen from miles but the Pakistanigovernment claimed they had no idea thiswas bin Laden's hiding place and no onetold them what was about to happen herePakistani military jets nearly attackedthe US helicopters as they left thecompound cheering crowds outside theWhite House see this as a clear andsimple victory for the USA the legalcapture of him and decisive insertion ofour special operations to kill him is agreat victory for us this huge weight islifted off my shoulder

       I am so gratefulto this administration to have beenpersistent aside brand zero in New Yorkthere was a sense of vindication I hopethat mr. bin Laden had to experience thesame type of a brutal and prolongeddeath that nearly 3,000 people had toendure in the World Trade Center on 9/11President Obama is obviously keen toclaim the credit for the death of theman they're calling the most infamousterrorists of our time he's letting itbe known that he personally vetoed aplan to bomb the compound because hewanted to make sure he had concreteevidence bin Laden had been killed notjust a pile of rubble photographs of binLaden's dead body were immediatelyanalyzed with photo recognitiontechnology and today the White House sayDNA results 100% confirm his identityhis body was lowered into the NorthArabian Sea early this morning butAmericans don't believe the threat fromal-qaeda has died with him.

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