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Realme XT : Review & Price in India

The specifications of Realme XT

The specifications of Realme XT have become public, even before they are officially introduced. It is reported that the company had organized an event for select media houses in China where the Realme XT smartphone was discussed. Now the official features and specifications of the smartphone have become public on Weibo. Realme has not yet announced the date for launching Realme XT in India. There are speculations that the Realme XT may be launched next month. Its teaser was released at the launch event of Reality 5. The China event of Reality XT also revealed that the phone will be launched only in India and not in China.

Photos from the Realme XT event shared on several websites have revealed that the next phone of the Reality brand will come with an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 712 processor, up to 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. This phone will have three storage variants - 4 GB + 64 GB, 6 GB + 64 GB and 8 GB + 128 GB. The phone will have a 6.4-inch Super Amoled screen, with Waterdrop Notch. The phone will have a 4,000 mAh battery which will support 20 Watt VOOC 3.0 fast charging.

Now talk about camera setup. Reality XT will come with four rear cameras. It has a 64-megapixel primary sensor, with F / 1.8 aperture. It will be accompanied by an 8-megapixel wide-angle camera with F / 2.25 aperture, a 2-megapixel macro camera and a 2-megapixel portrait camera. Both 2-megapixel cameras will have an aperture F / 2.4. The phone has a 16 megapixel camera for selfie.

Only Pearl Blue color variants have been revealed. The company may also bring silver wing white variants. The phone will run on ColorOs 6 in Android 9 Pie.

At present, the price of Reality XT has not been revealed. The company just told that the sale of Realme XT will start next month.

The real me XT is coming hot onthe heels of the real May 5 series andis bringing something special it's thefirst smartphone to be released with a64 megapixel camera was taken in depthlook in our full review the real me XTis a mid Ranger with an AMOLED screen ona display fingerprint reader largebattery and a unique quad camera setupall for around 200 euros the design isgorgeous and sleek it's rare for a midranger to have Gorilla Glass 5 on thefront and the back real me didn't cutcorners with the frame though althoughit looks like metal is made of plasticinstead the pearl white finish is quiteeye-catching changing colors in a curvedgradient when it reflects lights thecamera hump is quite huge though and thereal me XT will wobble a lot on a deskor table but you won't have this problemif you use the included silicon casewith both Gorilla Glass and a case hewon't have much to worry about exceptwater there's no waterproofing here thereal me XT is display is a six pointfour inch Super AMOLED with a 1080presolution it's a bit smaller than lastyear's real me X and the notch cut outis a major difference to those who likedthe edge to edge screen of the real me Xmight be disappointed but if you're notinto pop-up selfie cams you'd be happywith the change the display looks brightand punchy and has a good pixel densityof around 400 PPI blacks are super deepand color reproduction is decent thoughnot terribly accurate brightness ispretty good at almost 415 its maximumthere's no boost available in auto modebut we didn't have issues using thisphone in the Sun DC dimming is availableto reduce eye fatigue from screenflicker - there is an always-on displaybut it only shows the date and a clockand there is a notification LED eitherthe real me XT has an optical underdisplay fingerprint sensor that isspeedy and nicely accurate beware ifyou're using a screen protector as thatmight slow it down there is face unlock- it's fast but not as securethe real me xt has a single bottomfiring speaker it's scored an excellentmark and our loudness test though audioquality isn't the best high-pitchedtones can come out tinny and harsh youcan plug in headphones through the 3.5millimeter jack but the audio qualitywith them doesn't impress stereoseparation isn't great and loudness isjust average you do get FM radio thoughwith this phone you get either 64 or 128gigs of on-board storage you can addextra space thanks to the dedicatedmicroSD slot the real me XT runs oposcolor OS 6 over android 9 pi you'vealready seen this interface on the realme x as well as the real me 3 & 5familiesyou will notice the difference fromstock Android here the notificationshade and as quick toggles areredesigned and the task switcher looks alot like Apple's there is a game ofspace which gives you options forperformance and notifications whilegaming and you can navigate using eitherthe on-screen keys or swipe gesturesthese gestures will feel quite intuitiveif you've use an oppo huawei or xiaomiphone recently the real me xt runs on asnapdragon 712 chipset basically lastyear's snapdragon 710 with a slightlyhigher clock speed you also get four sixor eight gigs of ram depending on themodel CPU performance is about 10percent better than the real me X andindeed is better than most other phonesin this class there's more than enoughGPU power for your games and we didn'tobserve any significant throttlingduring our tests the real me XT has anample 4000 million power battery and didgreat in our battery life tests scoringan endurance rating of a hundred hoursit was a major improvement over lastyear's real me X makes a betterperformance in standby the XT alsosupports voke 3.0 fast charging and the20 watt voc charger does come in the boxit's able to bring the phone from 0 to50 percent charge in half an hour thereal me XT has a quad camera arrangementlike the real me 5 and 5 pro

     There's an8 megapixel ultra wide camera a 2megapixel sensor for portrait modeanother 2 megapixel camera for takingmacro shotsthe star of the show the 64 megapixelmain camera the quad Bayer filter themain kamsa's photos in 16 megapixels andto be honest it isn't such a hugeimprovement over the 48 megapixel quadBayer sensors we've used but with thatsaid shots do turn out quite nice ingood light there is plenty of detailtrue to life colors low noise and widedynamic range but we did notice somecorner softness and the processingsometimes has trouble with details ingrass and foliage there is a chromaboost mode which uses image stacking togive you shots with more saturatedcolors and improve dynamic range you dohave the option to shoot a photo in thefull 64 megapixels but like other quadBayer setups this doesn't offer you toomuch extra detail and the file size ishugeif you zoom you will get a digital cropfrom the main camera there's even a 5xzoomed help but don't expect greatquality here even at 2x results arealready quite soft the ultra wide camerahas a 119 degree field of view detailisn't impressive though and dynamicrange is limited and there's noautofocus but you do get low noise andautomatic distortion correction here aresome shots we took with a dedicatedmacro camera there's no water focus butyou can get as close as four centimetersto the subject the detailed level isokay but not great the real me XT shootsportraits with the help with thesecondary portrait camera which real mesays not only helps with deaf sensingbut the contrast as well these areexcellent with good edge detection andconvincing D focus backgrounds messyhair is still a bit of a challengethough in low-light photos from the maincamera look good the noise reductionstill leaves behind a decent amount ofdetail and colors are nicely rendered ifyou turn on chroma boost the colors willbe more saturated but that's about allthe benefit you'll get there is adedicated night mode though callednightscape pictures take two or threeseconds to process and come out in 12megapixels you get a more even exposurewith a boost in shadows and dark areasdetail is impressive to shooting withthe ultra wide cam at night will giveyou underexposed shots with plenty ofnoise and little Dif you switch on the nightscape mode theresults are a little better but stillmediocre selfies are taken with the realme XT is 16 megapixel F 2.0 front-facingcan which has fixed focus it does agreat job if you have good lightingyou'll get super detailed and sharpselfies videos can be captured with themain camera and up to 4k at 30fps thereis no option to shoot with the ultrawide cam but these 4k videos look reallygood with rich detail spot-on colors lownoise and impressive dynamic range thehigh bitrate means that these take up alot of space though there's no e isavailable in 4k but there isstabilization if you switch over to1080p quality is great here too sothat's the real me XT you get a bunch offeatures you might not expect at thisprice point there's a beautiful build alarge AMOLED screen great battery lifewith fast charging competitiveperformance and a nice camera experiencebut the benefits of the 64 megapixelsensor over a 48 megapixel one are kindof hard to put your finger on for now isjust a numbers game but the realdownside of this phone isn't about thephone itself but actually getting itreal means are only offered in a fewselect markets and if you're outside ofthose you'll have to buy a greyimportance but even then it might beworth it if you want a mid-range phonewith some really nice specs and youdon't want to break the bank you mightlook no further than the real me XT it'sa solid recommendation thanks.

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