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Covid-19 Breaking News Of Haryana

560 new cases came, 13 people died again from Corona, total 130 lives in Haryana

The death toll in Haryana as a result of crown is extending continually. On Wednesday, Corona lost 13 lives. By and by the death toll in the state has shown up at 130. It includes stress that the condition of 51 remains fundamental. Among these, 37 breaths are breathing with the help of oxygen, while 14 are assuming the contention of life on the ventilator. It includes lightening that 204 patients recovered from Corona and got back. Directly the amount of thrashings of Corona has shown up at 3952.

Over the latest 24 hours, 560 new cases were represented. The amount of polluted in the state has now shown up at 8832. The most extraordinary number of new polluted in 17 regions was 228 in Faridabad, 180 in Gurgaon, 37 in Sonipat, 19 in Hisar, 16-16 in Palwal and Karnal, 15 in Yamunanagar, 9 in Jhajjar, 8 in Rewari, 6 in Jind, Bhiwani. In addition, 5-5 in Kurukshetra, 4-4 patients were found in Ambala, Panipat and Fatehabad and 2-2 in Panchkula and Sirsa. While 5–5 in Gurgaon and Faridabad, 2 in Sonepat and one patient passed on in Jind. Close by this, 50 in Faridabad, 35 in Gurugram, 22-22 in Karnal and Kaithal, 18 in Ambala, 17 in Bhiwani, 15 in Hisar, 6-6 in Panchkula and Fatehabad, 5-5 in Nuh and Mahendragarh and 2 in Kurukshetra. The patient recovered and got back.

As showed by the Health Department report, the model number of suspects has shown up at 197703, with the 183395 report being negative. While 5476 is envisioned. The positive rate has similarly shown up at 4.59 percent in the state. The recovery rate is 44.75 percent while the duplicating time of cases has shown up at 10 days. The figure of assessment on every 10 lakh has in like manner showed up at 7799. The death toll from Corona has rose to 1.47 percent from 118 passings.

So far 130 patients kicked the container of crown

Up until this point, 51 in Gurgaon, 43 in Faridabad, 9 in Sonipat, 6 in Rohtak, 5 in Panipat, 4 in Jind, 3 in Ambala, 3 in Karnal, 2-2 in Bhiwani and Jhajjar, Palwal, Hisar and Charkhi-Dadri 1-1 has passed on.

This is the condition of corrupted people in the state

At present, the amount of polluted people has shown up at 8832 in the state including 21 people returned from USA, 14 Italy inhabitants and 133 stores. The most raised number of these are 3862 in Gurgaon, 1807 in Faridabad, 668 in Sonipat, 346 in Rohtak, 220 in Palwal, 153 in Jhajjar, 212 in Ambala, 175 in Karnal, 141 in Narnaul, 117 in Noonh, 157 in Hisar, 109 in Panipat. 139 in Bhiwani, 80 in Jind, 123 in Rewari, 80 in Sirsa, 88 in Kurukshetra, 83 in Fatehabad, 61 in Kaithal, 58 in Panchkula, 53 in Charkhi-Dadri and 60 in Yamunanagar have been found spoiled.

All the while, the figure of the people who beat Corona, including 14 Italian inhabitants, has come to 3952. These recall 1950 for Gurgaon, 437 in Faridabad, 263 in Sonepat, 108 in Jhajjar, 138 in Rohtak, 107 in Nuh, 107 in Panipat, 107 in Palwal, 109 in Ambala, 87 in Hisar, 90 in Karnal, 95 in Jind, Jind. In 28, 32 in Panchkula, 54 in Kurukshetra, 70 in Bhiwani, 51 in Sirsa, 52 in Kaithal, 12 in Rewari, 20 in Yamunanagar, 45 in Fatehabad and 7 patients in Charkhi-Dadri have get back.

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