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Maharashtra steps up another battle in Corona, anti-body test and tele-ICU will be taken

Altogether, there are 1 lakh 24 thousand instances of crown in Maharashtra. This state is generally influenced by the plague in the nation.

  In the midst of the developing instances of crown in Maharashtra, the state government has concluded that a counter acting agent test will be directed on all wellbeing labourers and workers battling the crown on the forefront. Fundamentally, there are 1 lakh 24 thousand instances of crown in the state, Maharashtra is the most influenced by the plague in the nation. Maharashtra Health Minister Rajesh Tope said on Friday, "Neutralizer test and antigen test have been permitted. Immune response test will be done chiefly for cutting edge representatives battling Covid-19. We will see that these representatives create immune response Whether or not the strategy choice has been taken for counter acting agent tests for wellbeing labourers and bleeding edge staff. " 

The Health Minister stated, "The antigen test will be a symptomatic test with the assistance of results like the RT-PCR test. With the assistance of the antigen test, the report will be gotten inside an hour of the example being taken. On the off chance that the outcomes come negative, at that point the RT-PCR test It can be affirmed by this. On the off chance that the outcomes are certain, the patient will be considered as Covid-19 positive. After this, swab tests can be taken and the test should be possible in a brief timeframe. This will accelerate the testing in the Containment Zone. "

            Securing wellbeing laborers is a significant worry for the state government the same number of specialists, medical attendants and wellbeing labourers have been tainted with Corona. Maharashtra is as of now confronting lack of specialists in the midst of regular instances of crown. Particularly the deficiency of ICU is likewise being seen. Presently, tele-ICU use is being intended to treat genuine patients. 

Rajesh Tope stated, "comparable to the crown scourge we have seen so far that 85 percent of the cases are relieved with no manifestations. Just 10-15 percent of the all out patients need oxygen. Around 2-3 percent Become genuine and require ICU care. ICU requires expert specialists and this is the place we are confronting deficiencies. We are depending on the new innovation of the Medscape Foundation. They have five A proposition has been sent to deal with the ICU in seven locale.

Rajesh Tope said that the new innovation will assist the administration with dealing with the plague with deficiency of specialists and ICU beds. The Health Minister stated, "It is where there is a screen close to the ICU bed which tracks the significant boundaries of the patient. They can follow it by sitting in Delhi. They track the patient's history and changing boundaries And recommend cures that will help. It will support us. "

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