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The Supreme Court Ordered that the rath yatra was stopped for the year

After the Supreme Court's rath yatra boycott, the inquiry presently is, in what capacity will the Thai Thakur inside the sanctuary be proclaimed? As per analysts, in 162, Sreejee's object of worship didn't have a Thai rath yatra inside the sanctuary. after 328 years, something very similar is going on again this year. 

As indicated by Shrimandir's history, the rath yatra didn't occur at all multiple times because of assaults and plunderers at different occasions. The parade couldn't happen as the enthusiasts had been emptied from the sanctuary. 

Be that as it may, in 182, there was no Thai rath yatra inside the Thakur sanctuary. Around then, during the rule of Gajapati Dibyasinghe Dev, the parade couldn't happen outside the sanctuary inspired by a paranoid fear of assaulting Ekram Khan. The symbol of Jagannath was vanquished at the rear of the sanctuary's fence Bimala, while the icons of Balabhadra and Subhadra were moved to the Bhagwati sanctuary in Brahmagiri Gadkok. 

Then again, rath yatras in Baripada and Kendrapara have additionally been suspended after the Supreme Court's choice to boycott rath yatras in Puri. The organization has been taking action against the Koraput carcass since its origin. The region organization has just permitted the Thakurs to perform customs inside the sanctuary.

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