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Anger erupted over the death of a young man in Neemka jail in Faridabad

Nature in the zone remains tense after the death of an adolescent named Sonu (23), an inhabitant of Neemka jail in Neemka jail on charges of trap on the Chhayasa police. The family members and local people angry with the destruction came to Chandpur Chowki and showered stones. Around twelve cops are represented hurt in this. 

Angry local people battled in KGP, Chhajju Nagar Mujedi and Neemka Jail, reprimanding the police for killing Sonu and considering the scene an implosion. At the point when the reports on the energy was reached, the police and high specialists of the near to police base camp endeavored to convince the occupants. However, he was enduring about calling the police boss on the spot. 

Strains remained in the town till the news was created. The dead body of the died had not reached Morchery till four around evening time. According to the information, the police also coordinated a Kovid 19 trial of the terminated, whose report was declared positive on Thursday. Family members assert police plot. 

To guarantee himself, the police is teaching him to be crown positive with the objective that neither his after death should be conceivable nor the dead body can be given to the family. While relatives express that the once-over of Kovid-19 was put on their home on Thursday after the date of June 17. On the other hand ACP Jayveer Rathi says that a legitimate solicitation is being driven into the event. 

This is the full story of the scene 

On June 10, there was a challenge between the youngsters of two towns Chandpur and Shahjahanpur over the race of 1600 meters on Shahjahanpur Chhayasa Road. On tolerating information, Chayssa police showed up at the rescue and ambushed. Three cops were hurt in this. The aggressors furthermore ambushed the police's drifter and hurt it. 

On tolerating the information about the attack on the police, different cops, recalling the station for charge, showed up at the spot with a generous police power. On the dissent of the hurt ASI Kesharam, the police debilitated government kill 30-40 inquiries including nine chose Shahjahanpur occupants Kanhaiya, Dr. Pala, Bablu, Mohit, Dinesh, Rahul, Mahipal's progressively young kid Mohit Nitesh, Chhabu's kin Mota and A case was selected under various territories including try to execute. On June 15, the police caught Sonu, a tenant of Shahjahanpur, and presented 16 in the court and sent him to Neemka jail. 

Sonu kicked the pail in jail on Wednesday night 

Sonu kicked the pail in Neemka jail on Wednesday night under questionable conditions. He was found dangling from the resting quarters by the police. As showed by SP Jail Sanjeev Kumar, on Thursday morning, he was instructed with respect to Sonu's implosion. Its information was expeditiously given to the higher experts. Family members were in like manner taught about the event. According to Sanjeev Kumar, Sonu finished everything by tying the lower beat in the wild. 

Furious family and occupants pelted stones at the post 

On getting information about Sonu's end, at around 11 am on Thursday, numerous women and men got together and ambushed the Chandpur police post and hurled stones. Cops shut the room and saved their lives. All the while, stuck Neemka Jail and Chhajupur Road. On getting the information, SDM Trilokchand of Ballabh Garh, ACP Crime Anil Kumar, ACP Bhagat Ram, ACP Jayveer Singh Rathi, Naib Tehsildar Dinesh Kumar showed up at the spot and calmed them by convincing local people with amazing difficulty. 

Murder accused for hanging 

The family members and townspeople, including Nahar Singh, the sarpanch of Shahjahanpur town, certified that the cops tormented Sonu so much that he kicked the can during the remand. Seeing himself got, he was hanged in the dozing quarters of Neemka jail. Family members have asserted that Sonu was preparing for the military. He was intentionally captured for the circumstance. 

Charge of taking town youngsters to the post 

The sarpanch of the town and the loss' family stated that the police had gone to hooliganism. In the spirit of retaliation, the unmarried youngsters of the town are powerfully taken to the station. If anyone limits, they in like manner find a way to entrap him for the circumstance.

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