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Hardware Of Computer System

*What is hardware (Component or resources) of Computer System ?

  Ans:- The physical components of a Computer system which can be touched are known as hardware (Component or resourcess) of Computer System.
  • Keyboard
  • Monitor
  • Mouse
  • Printer
  • System Unit
  • Scanner
  • MODEM(Broad Band)(Used to connect internet)
  • UPS (Uniterrupted Power Supply Unit)
  • WEB CAM(To record video & photograph)
  • Speaker
  • Microphone
  • Bluetooth (Used to connect Bluetooth Enabled device wirelessly)
  • WI-FI (Wireless findelity)(Used for wireless local area network)
  • T.V Tuner

* The Hardware of Computer System is devided into two part

1. Input Devices
2. Output Devices

(1)Input Devices

An Input Device is an electromechanical device that accepts data from the outside world and translates them into a form, the Computer can interpret.
  • Keyboard
  • Point & Draw Devices
  • Scanning Devices
  • Digitizer
  • Electronic Card Reader
  • Voice Recognition Devices
  • Vision Based Devices
  • Offline Data Entry Devices
  • System Unit

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we havelearnt about input and output devices inthis session we will refresh the basicsof progress and then give someinformation about computer softwarebasis friends before moving forward Ihave a small request please do subscribeto the channel examing to get latestupdates from us ok let's get startedfirst basics of hardware hardware refersto the physical component of a computermonitor keyboardppyou are the three major parts of thecomputer here CPU is the main componentof the computer it is divided into threemajor parts between in the last lessonthat is controlling arithmetic logicunit and memory unit so what is thefunction of controlling this in itcontrols the operations of all parts ofthe computer it obtains the instructionsfrom the memory interpret them anddirects the operation of the computercontrolling it converts the users inputthat is received from a keyboard ormouse or any other input device andconvert them into signals and then sendback to them to the ALU unit that isarithmetic logic unit control unit usesClack inputs to maintain the sequence ofthe data this speed is the frequency ofthe data processing and is measuringnegative so let us know some basicinformation about a diplomatic logic inthis is the part of the CPU system thatcarries out arithmetic and logicoperationsAnnelle you perform basic arithmeticexamples of arithmetic operations areaddition subtraction multiplication anddivision it also performs logicaloperations like comparisons of valuessuch as math and error all informationin a computer is stored in the binaryform that is 0 and 1 next we see aboutmemory unit the memory unit stores thedata instructions and sends theinformation to all other units of thecomputer whenever it means it is alsoknown as primary memory or random accessmemory all input and output aretransmitted through main memory so thereare two kinds of memory as we seen thatis one is primary memory and secondarymemory first of all you will see what isprimary memory that is what is RAMmemory memories select any part ofmemory when user want to save the datain memory but that may not be storedpermanently on that location secondarymemory secondary memory is external andpermanent memory that is useful to storethe external storage media such as DVDDrive hard disk memory cards memorysticks like pen drive and secondarymemory mostly deals with the followingtypes of components a read-only memoryread 1 remembering a permanent memorylocation that offers huge types ofstandards to save data but it works withwe've only operation no data loss happenwhenever power failure cues during theroom memory working completed raw memoryhas several models such names thefollowing Chrome that is programmableread-only memory which can be read asmany times as you want but cannot bemodified the datanext is EEPROM that is the erasableprogrammable read-only memory but it hasto be passed through ultraviolet lightto get erase the data so it is not inuse now next is efrom electrically erasable programmableread-only memory similar to the apronbut it uses electrical beam for areasthe data next we will see some basicinformation on what are the softwaresoftware refers to the instruction thatmakes the computer to work the softwareshould be stored in the secondary memorydevice and loaded to the primary memoryas and when neededbroadly we will classify software intotwo types systems of the andapplications often the system softwareconsists of low-level programs thatinteract with the computer at very basiclevel examples of system software areoperating systems compilers andutilities for managing computerresources like printer software can asoftware it's some of the majoroperating systems to use to worldwideour Windows operating system Macoperating system by Apple and Linux OSwhich is free to use the applicationsoftware consists of programs that arerequired for a user so systems softwarewhole stone the application software seehere the application software is alsocalled in user programs examples arelike Microsoft Office sued emails gameok friends thank you for watching thisvideo in the upcoming lessons we will beseeing about operating system and someof the important application process andthen Microsoft Office we will see someimportant socket also in those lessonsbut all of these lessons will be covered

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