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How to change the blogs favicon & Logo ?

How to change the Blogs favicon & logo ?

It is very easy to change the favicon icon in Blogger. But to change the favicon icon you must first create a favicon icon. Any favicon icon you make should work from 100kb. If there is more than 100kb size then your favicon icon will not work. If you do not have to make a favicon icon, by clicking on the link given below, you can learn how to create a favicon icon.

How do the favicon icons change in Blogger?

1.) First of all you log in to Blogger.
2.) Then click on the Layout option.

3.) Then there will be a favicon written inside the layout. Click on it in front of you that you will find the edit.

4.) After clicking on Edit, a new window will open. In it you will get the option of browsing, click on it and select where you have your favicon icon, and upload it. After that click on Save button and save it.

5.) After saving the favicon icon, click on Save Arrangement option and save the layout.

After doing all this, your blog's favicon icon will change. If you have any questions or suggestions, then please tell them the following comments.

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