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My Mother Easy

My Mother

I Love You Mother
Mother is Dearer to a child than other members of the family. She is an embodiment of a affection. She is a Divine gift to a Man.

    I admire My Mother most for the moral values she has taught me since I was a child. She used to read to me stories that highlighted the importance of values such as Love, Kindness  and Honesty. More importantly, She is the embodiment of such values, Giving me practical examples to follow. I am glad to say that I have lived up to he expectations.

    She gets up early in the morning and goes to bed late. She keeps the house neat and clean. She keeps everything in order. At the house hold things are in charge of her, she cooks our food, washes our clothes, takes care of our domestic animals. She sweeps the floor and washes the dishes. She serves My old grand parents. She gets pleasure at feeding others. She takes her meal after feeding all the members of the family.
Mother is the best gift of a Child
      She works like a machine from down to night. She prepares jelly jam and condiments. She makes different kinds of cake for us.

    My Mother Love Me very much. She never gets angry with me. She always speaks very kindly and softly. She is My first teacher. She teaches me at home. She help my Father in his work. She is very hospitable to wards guests. She receives them warmly and treats very nicely.

    I Love, Respect, Obey and Adore my Mother. A home without Mother has no happiness. My Mother leads a life of service and inspiration for Me.

Who Is Mother

you the person for whom I have a deeprespect in my heart is my mother hername is mrs. Sunita she is a housewifeshe is 45 years old yet she is stillhealthy and beautiful she grew up in apoor family along with her four siblingswhich is why she couldn't study howevershe has done her best to educate mewhatever I am today is because of herhard work and encouragement although sheis illiterateshe is expert in shoeing knitting andcooking she only stitches my brothers aswell as my clothes we as her familyrarely buy a ready-made clothes she usesher skills to help the needy everywintershe needs free woolen clothes to give tothe poor she's a hard-working woman ifshe dislikes anything then it would bejust sitting idle she spends most of thetime looking after us and our needs herday starts from 4 o clock in the morningand ends at night 11 everyone from childto old allows to speak with her becauseshe is polite in behavior and respectsall her life is an inspiration for me totrust God in every situationshe's a godly individual who loves Godwith all her heart she believes in truththat we are sinners and deserve to bepunished by Godhowever God loves us and has sent HisSon Jesus Christ to be punished on ourbehalf and to give us eternal lifefinally I would like to say that mymother is my role model whom I love tofollow till my last breath I am so muchprivileged to have her in my life wouldyou like to tell me your mother's namehow old is shewhat does she do what is her educationalqualificationwhat is her family background how manysiblings does she have what are herexpertisehow does she use her skills what doesshe dislike at what time does she wakeup in the morning why does everybodylike to speak to her in which truth doesshe believe in how is her nature what isthe value of having mother in your life

I Love You Mom😘👩‍👦

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