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Make Privacy Policy Page Step By Step 

  • Stage 1 - First of all in this post you will locate a Free Privacy Policy Generator Tool. 
  • Stage 2 - So now you need to compose the name of your blog or site in the site name. 
  • Stage 3 - And now you need to enter the URL/connection of your site in the subsequent box. 
  • Stage 4 - So now enter your Email ID in the third box. 
  • Stage 5 - And now you need to tap on Generate Link. 
  • Stage 6 - Now you will get HTML code in the crate underneath. Duplicate it by tapping on ➤ Copy Text Button. 
  • Stage 7 - So now you go to the new page of your blog and glue it into the html area. also, post it. 
  • So your Privacy Policy Page is prepared. 

 a privacy policy tells users what you ‘redoing with their data anything you gather from them whether it be an email address first name location or whatever it has to be disclosed to your website visitor and then you haveto tell them what you plan to do with that information even if your plans are as simple assending a birthday discount via emailyou might be wondering what should yourprivacy policy include well here's a fewthings how you collect information whatyou do with collected information whatcookies pixels and other trackers yoursite uses and their purpose anyadvertising networks and their methodsor purpose of data collection and ADdelivery how your users can opt-in andopt-out of their data being collectedand stored how your users can requesttheir data be turned over to them and/ordelete it and finally contactinformation for site administratorsthese things are the bread and butter ofprivacy policies ideally visitors wouldtake a look at your policy and decide ifthey're comfortable with using yourservices more realistically it coversyou legally so what do you do with userdata here's a real kicker what you dowith the data is just as important todisclose as it is that you are actuallycollecting it you might be wondering whyand it's because data is big businessmany sites sell or share their user dataothers more ethically use the collecteddata to personalize content and ads orother similar applications regardless ofwhat the use is you must disclose it inany case if someone's not comfortable with the way a website uses theirinformation

  the gdpr outlines the rightto be forgottenthis means sites are bound by law todelete your information if you ask themto so finally how do you actually createa privacy policyideally you'd enlist the help of alawyer to help you draft your privacypolicy however that's not a practicaloption or really necessary for the vastmajority of site owners we're gonnatouch on a few websites that cangenerate a simpleprivacy policy for you number one termagainin anytime new laws are passed thataffect privacy ADA term againin updatesyour embedded privacy policy to reflectthem setting it up as as simple asanswering questions about your businessor website then you paste an embed codeinto the page where it will live you canoverride any updates or changes and youcan edit the policy manually too if youhandle a lot of user data then this is$10 a month well-spentnumber two terms feed each time you wantto create a new policy the service willwalk you through a questionnaire to helpyou determine the clauses you need whenthe process is over you'll receive yournew policy via email the turnaround ispretty quick and that way you can pasteit into your website and have it livefor your visitors immediately it's freewith paid options available and finallynumber threefirebase powered by Google and designmostly for mobile apps firebase is agreat privacy generator especially whenyou want something fast easy andcustomized for very specific servicesit's easy to implement and setup andit's a more simplistic privacy policyhowever that doesn't mean it's uselessor even bad the best part though is thatit's free and finally how do youactually add your privacy policy to herwebsite well think about itthe privacy policy is simply a page soif you're using WordPress create a newpage paste your policy and then publishit now just add a link to yournavigation location of your choice andyou're all set and ready to go if youenjoyed .

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