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OPPO A52 (Twilight Black, 6GB RAM, 128GB Storage)

* OPPO A52 (Twilight Black, 6GB RAM, 128GB Storage) with No Cost EMI/Additional Exchange Offers


  1. 12MP+8MP+2MP+2MP AI quad back camera, 4K video, AI beautification | 16MP front camera 
  2. 16.51 centimeters (6.5-inch) FHD+ punch-hole appear with 2400 x 1080 pixels objectives, 405 ppi pixel thickness | 90.5% screen to body ratio| Eye care 
  3. Memory, Storage and SIM: 6GB RAM | 128GB inside memory expandable up to 256GB | Dual SIM (nano+nano) twofold save (4G+4G) 
  4. Concealing OS 7.1 reliant on Android v10.0 working structure with 2.0GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 octa focus processor, Adreno 610 GPU 
  5. 5000mAH lithium-polymer battery giving talk-time of 34 hours and hold time of 500 hours with 18W snappy charge 
  6. 1 year maker ensure for device and a half year producer ensure for in-box additional items including batteries from the date of obtainment 
  7. Box also consolidates: Handset, type-c interface, earphone, connector, Sim Tray Ejector, cautious case, booklet with ensure card and lively guide 
  8. Phenomenal sound effect: Dual sound framework speakers, dirac 2.0
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  • OS :- Android 
  • RAM :- 6 GB 
  • Thing Weight :- 191 g 
  • Thing Dimensions :- 16.2 x 0.9 x 7.6 cm 
  • Batteries:- 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included) 
  • Thing model number :- CPH2061 
  • Remote correspondence technologies :- Bluetooth, WiFi Hotspot 
  • System technologies :- GPRS, EDGE, HSPA+, WCDMA, TD-LTE, LTE FDD 
  • Uncommon features :- Dual SIM, GPS, Music Player, Video Player 
  • Resolution :- 2400 x 1080 
  • Other camera features :- 16MP 
  • Structure factor :- Touchscreen Phone 
  • Weight :- 191 Grams 
  • Colour :- Twilight Black 
  • Battery Power Rating :- 5000 
  • Phone Talk Time :- 34 Hours 
  • Phone Standby Time (with data) :- 500 Hours 
  • Whats in the box :- Handset, Type-C Cable, Earphone, Adapter, Sim Tray Ejecter, Protective Case, Booklet with Warranty Card and Quick Guide.

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*Describe about the Phone

the oppo a52 that’s now launched in India this’s quite a well powered smartphone inthe mid-range categoryand the smartphone comes in two coloroptions one is the wide and one isthe black the one that we got for reviewis the two light black variantand this also a stream white which theycall it and that actually looks betterthan the black oneand here are the major specs of this oneit's a full hd plus neo displayand it comes with a thousand eighteen totwenty four hundred pixels of screenresolution ai card camera with the 12megapixel primary camera5000 image battery 18 watt fast chargeand what's not mentioned here is thequalcomm snapdragon 665 processor andthis 6gb plus 128gb storage in this oneand 6 gb is the ram and it's the lp ddr4x ramufs 2.1 storage and if you check out thepricing here the price is mentioned as19990 buti guess we might see some lesser priceon this one when it goes officialand we'll be anyway updating thedescription based on that right nowthat's the price that is mentionedand it's uh 8.9 mm in thickness that isbecause of the thick batteryit's a 5000 mah battery that you seepowering this smartphone and that iswith the 18 wattfast charging so those were the specslet's quickly unbox the device and checkout what all comes in thebox package itself so firstly in theaccessthis is the sim ejector tool and youhave the manualswhich includes the quick start guide andthe warranty bookletand the safety guide there's thistransparent rubber coveror the uh transparent cover for the backof the deviceand this is the smartphone the oppo e52with the same specs mentionedeven here and this is that twilightblack variant will be anywhere talkingin detail aboutthe physical aspect but this is how itlooks like from the backand you can clearly see thepattern here it's kind of a gradientpattern that you see that comes out fromthe camera area and anyway we'll bechecking this out latertill then let me also start thesmartphone and now apart from that whatyou see hereare a few accessories which include thislargetravel adapter which comes with the 582aor 9v2a both the options that's 18 wattfast chargingand this is quite a heavy and largeadapter for that charging speedsbut at least you have the 18 wattsupport which is a good thing hereand you also get thecable which is the usb type-c cable thatis given here at leastso that the phone can be charged withthe usb type-c connectivity and it doeshave the usb type-c portthen you have a pair of earphones andthese aren't the in-ear options but theystillare in the box so that's a good thingyou don't have to buy a set of earphonesseparately you get that in the boxpackage itselfand for the screen there's a screenprotector givenalready on the display so you can usethat to keep it scratch free but thesewon't be the tempered glass solution soif you are someone who does worry aboutall thatyou should rather get a separatetempered glass installed on this deviceso the display on the front of thesmartphone the oppo a52 isa 6.5 inch display a full hd plusresolution display and the tftlcd technology used here with the 480units of brightnessthat's the maximum brightness that youget here and it's not a super amoled soyou need to keep that in mind it won'tcome upwith the same colors that super amoledoffer but tft lcd is what is offeredat least with the full hd plusresolution so you don't have to worryabout theresolution here you're getting the bestof it here andinternally it's the qualcomm snapdragon665 and while the phone starts hereare the sides of the device so this isthe power button which is a bit liftedup andstill in one of the grooves and ithouses the fingerprint sensor as well soyou have the fingerprint sensor on theside of the devicenow towards the bottom of the phone whatyou see are these ports there's a usbtype-c port the speaker grillethe microphone as well as the headphonejackand on the left what you see is thevolume rocker button as well asthe sim card access area and on the topthere's nothingso we don't see a secondary microphonehere now on the back of the phone youcan see this uhrectangular area the camera module areawhere you see foursensors so one is a 12 megapixel f 1.7primary camerathen there's a 8 megapixel wide anglecamera with the f 2.2 aperturethere's a depth sensor as well with thef 2.4 aperture and let me check thecamera to see if it has the macro camerawith the same aperture even though weknow that it's a 2 megapixel camera letme seewhat it offers and there's the ledflashlight and the ai camera mentionedtowards hereon the front this is the punch holedisplay so you see uh the console camerahere and this is a 16 megapixel camerafor the selfiesand it comes in that console area andnot as a center notchso that's a refreshing change from theprevious oppo devices at leastand set lock screen password will dothat later and we'll set up the devicelater anywayand you can now check out this is thecolor os 7 its color was 7.1 to bespecific and it is based on the latestandroid osso now this is the display it does looka bit vibrant let me reduce thebrightness a bit and yeahso this is how the display look lookslike it's a 6.5 inch display sizeand if you go into the about section uhyou can see that this is android 10 sothe latest standard is what you'reseeing herebased on that you see the new color osand color os7.1 it is and these are the otherspecifications 6128 gb and if you go back into the otheroptions you can see quite a lot offeatures such assplit screen game space app cloner andthere are settings for even securityconvenience tools is where you see a fewthings such as the navigation buttonsssd wall gesture and motion features andthe smart sidebarand smart sidebar is something that wasintroduced ormade better on the color of 7.1 we'll bedoing a supply tips and tricks video forthe sameto let you know about the best color 7.1features there's also the dark mode ifyou see hereand if turned on the current theme willbe changed turn it on yesand this is how the dark mode would looklike on the color 7.1 obviously darkmode changes everything and this is asystem-wide dark mode based on android10 so obviouslyit's going to change things even in appsthat support dark mode and there's autobrightnesshere so there might be an autobrightness sensor you can see a smallslit towards the top you can't noticethat here but i can actually see itwith the naked eye and obviously theremight be that sensor andhere's the earpiece area towards the topwhich is almostnegligible so actually there's very slimbezels towards the sideonly there's some chin towards thebottom the display seems quitewide here but again it all depends onhow good the phone is priced we aren'tsure of the exact price the mrp says20000 but if it's priced around000 i would say considering what all itoffers in terms of for the battery interms of for the camera combination thequad camerathe new kind of display with the punchhole display uhin that way it should be decent enoughbut with the chipset obviously i wouldsay that there are much more competitivedevices right now in the market thatare offering better chipsets for thesame price snapdragon 723 730ghelio g90d those are the chipsets thatshould have come in these kind ofsmartphonesbut you're seeing snapdragon 665 here so1xand so there's no portrait camera theseare allthe digital zoom options and you havethe wide angle option given hereif you go into more options you can seethe option ofexpert sticker google lens panorama timelapse and slow motionand you have the portrait mode that willtake advantage of the 2 megapixelportrait cameraand you have the night mode as well sowe actually don't see the macro optionhereso that shouldn't be probably there itcould be a night vision camera that isthe fourth camera given thereand so these are the options if we gointo the settings to check out what allis supportedand if you check here there's 4k videosupport so the 4k can be captured at 30fpsso that's present for the front facinguh rear facing camerafor the front facing camera this is the16 megapixel selfie camera andobviously with oppo you can expectthings to be quite uh good enough andthis is a quick selfiethis is a natural selfie we haven't doneanything to actually makeit look better in any way so this is thenatural selfie that was takenand i'd say anyway it could be decentenough uh you could call it decent butuhyou can't judge it that early so that'sa 16 megapixel selfie camera given thereand so these are the options under thecamera application and this was thecolor was 7.1we'd be doing a separate video you canfirstly notice that there's the appdrawerwith the color os 7.1 earlier everythingwas on thehome screen itself and with the real meui things had changed similarly but nowyou have this herethis app prediction i guess you can turnthis off but there are quite a lot ofpre-installed applicationshere there's daily hunt and uh doc waltclone phone and also fm radio is thatthat's goodand hit app cloud and there are a fewopera is also unnecessaryoppo relaxes given oppo service so loopapplication is there as well so few appsi guess you candelete them as well if you go to dailyhand let's see if you can uninstall itso you can uninstall themthat's not a big deal and with thestorage if we go back to the storageoptionsand check out how much is presentand you can check that out here so 128gbstorageis total out of that 18.5 is used around110 gb is what the user is going to getby default and screen recordingyou have this new option of recordingsound so that would be goodif you are recording both microsoft mymicrophone sound as well as the systemsound togetherthis was a part of the real me ui but isit similar to that let's check it out inthe gaming video that will be doingseparatelyso that's it in this video this was thequick unboxing and hands-on with theoppo a52 smartphone this looks quitedecent andon paper as well it's not that bad but ihope it is priced wellbecause if it's going to be pricedanywhere around 18 000 or morethen probably it could not be one of thebest options in the marketuh it could yeah hold some brand valuewith oppoas one of those brands known for itsservice after sales and those partsbut this is a competitive market thephones are coming ina good pace and every phone has theirown good set of specifications for abetter price.

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