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OPPO F11 (Fluorite Purple, 6GB RAM, 128GB Storage)

*OPPO F11 (Fluorite Purple, 6GB RAM, 128GB Storage) with No Cost EMI/Additional Exchange Offers


  1. reinforcement time of 360 hours 
  2. 1 year creator ensure for contraption and a half year maker ensure for in-box additional items including batteries from the date of acquisition 
  3. Box in like manner consolidates: VOOC charge connector, earphone, USB interface, sim plate ejecter, pre-applied screen protector and guarded case, noteworthy data booklet with ensure card and smart guide
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*Describe about this phone

    let's do the unboxing and have a look at this Oppo f11 and as you can see here on the back it says that this is also having a forty eight megapixel camera of four thousand twenty milliamp hour battery but this also has vac fast charging and a six point five inch screen and it says hyper boost also and interesting to note that it comes with four gigabytes of RAM but the story is128 gigabyte generally with four gigabyte RAM models we get 64 gigabytes of storage but here we are getting 128and guys the pricing of this phone will be a seventeen thousand nine hundred ninety and online it will be sold VI Amazon I'll leave the link this comes out and it just says Opel over here let’s see what else do we get in the box I’m assuming screen case sim ejector tool and yes we get the case and also some booklets and stuff I will just keep that to the side and I just keep the case here and it just says Oppo F Levin over here and let's just take this out and we earlier had the Oppo f11 Pro that had a pop up camera this is having a regular drop down not design as you can see

    And actually it looks pretty cool in this colour it's known as green and red if Recall this one and let's say it’s designed by Oppo and this also has alight gradient tint if you just move around a little bit I will come back tothe handset later let's see what else dowe get in the boxso we get that this should be the bookcharger yes this is the Oppo VOC threecharger that you are getting and thiswould be the micro USB cable again guysfor the fastest charging use this cableif you use any ordinary cable then hewon't get that fast charging and we alsohave a headphone bundle in the boss Iwas not expecting that but good to seethat they have done it let's quicklyopen this up and this is the standardyour phones that we get with Oppodevices they look like ear parts soour test and we also have a button hereintegrated with the microphone so that'swhat we get in the box so let me keepthis to the side and let's look at thehandset itself so this is the handsetitself this is the case I'll keep thecase to the side let's have a closerlook at the handset now and it's havinga six point five inch screen and let megive you a physical overview first onthe top we have this as your secondarynoise cancellation microphone that weare getting and the bit quality looksgood in the back is feels like glass andfeels actually premium guys consideringthat 18,000 price point yes definitelythis feels a little bit on the premiumside we have this Baja button in thescreen axle this is the emerald green asI told you bottom will be the speakermicroUSB port it should have been USBtype-c buddy at micro USB you also getthe headphone jack and volume rockers upand down and this by side of that one wehave a central let's open this up and have a look so guys this is a high-resolution but I mean I won't complain toomuch because the internal storage is 128gigabytes.

    so this is what we get on thisso let's just I believe up to 256gigabytes of micro SD card you can portand on the back we have the dual camerafingerprint scanner so let me do one ofthe guys lets me let me just power thison and by the time it actually boots upand I set it up let me give you aconfiguration overview this Oppo f11 ishaving a 6.5 inch full HD plus screen atthis product by Gorilla Glass 5 itsparked by the mediatek helio p 70chipset which is octa-core chipsetclocked at 1.2 kicker's it has fourgigabytes of RAM 128 gigabytes ofinternal storagegoing to the camera it's a dual rearfacing camera the main camera is a 48megapixel with F 1.7 lens and secondarycamera is a 5 megapixel 4 depth going tothe front-facing camera it's a 16megapixel with F 2.0 it also has a fourthousand 20 milliamp hour battery withthe VOC 3 fast charging so guys havejust finished us setting up this deviceso this comes with color over 6 so wealso have the arc tree over here as youcan see and there are quite a bit ofapps that are pre-installed alsosee if we can uninstall some of them yesyou can uninstall some of the preloadedapps that you have so there are somepre-loaded junk but yeah you canuninstall that and it is interesting tosee that they gave 128 gigabytes ofstorage on this so typical color OS UIand already found a lot of updates andstuff and so quick toggles over herelet's see under the hoard what do we getif we go to about the phoneobviously it's running on Android Pithat's Android 9 so nice and let's justget out of this and out of that 128gigabytes guys you'll roughly get about105 gigabytes of space free againstorage should not be an issue with thisform so that's regarding the storagethat we have let's just go back and thisis typical color OS that you might haveseen in other opal devices that's thesame that you have over here and leftyou have that smart assistant and thescreen quality is good it's a full HDplus 6.5 inch screen with that what doyou say water drop not shared this signthat you are getting also let's look atthe fingerprint scanner on this one andas you can see guys it is actuallyreally fast we also get the faceunlocking option I've set it up I didn'tenable the race to wake up and if I justpress the power button as you can see you turn a lock.
    so the face unlocking isalso really really fast on this one butI personally prefer the fingerprintscanner and as you can see that's reallyfast so he has definitely a big devicebut now let's also look at the camerawith generally cameras on Oppo phone arethe thing so let's look at it it hasthat 48 megapixel rear main camera withF 1.7 and secondary is that finemegapixel so let's look at it and let'sjust say ok so this is a typical openinterface that you're finding photo modeportrait video mode and all these thingsand we also have 1x and 2x option sothis is digital zoom but that's that's48 megapixel it's able to easily get inall that data and we also have theportrait mode again I'll test theportrait mode on human subjects I'llshow you samples later on but let's alsolook at the front-facing camera that'salso generally good and as you can see it sort directing my face and has this beauty mode by on.
   igenre don't like that so let me disable plan also we have the port reign modeon that also it says that it has that AIbeauty and you can adjust it welldisable it but as you can see theshutter speed is actually fast on thisone let's let me show you again this isthe portrayed it's really fast andprocessing the photos instantly it'scoming so let me do one thing guys letme actually take some sample shots withthis one so that you get a better ideaso these were taken with the rear facingcamera of this Oppo Evan and as you cansee outdoor shots came out really goodand even for macro close-up shots it wasdoing a very good job as you can see yougot that natural background blur and thepictures were sharp now I'm moving tocolors the colors were also accurate asyou can see even the sky colors so interms of color reproduction drewscottthese were taken in semi indoorconditions and this was sort ofartificial lighting conditions and thiswasn't completely artificial lightingconditions and here also I feel it hadactually a pretty good job consideringthat this was taken completely indoorlighting conditions now going to humansubjects this was taken in the normalmode and this was taken in the portraitmode it lights up the picture in theportrait mode our level but again thiswas taken in the normal shot and thiswas taken in the portrait mode one moreexample this was taken in the normalmode and this was taken in the portraitmode now moving to selfies again asexpected it so performs to the selfiescame out to be really good and as youcan see they have very sharp in terms ofclarity now this is the bokya modeenable with the front-facing camera andI feel the blur is slightly aggressivebut bitches look good these were takenin indoor lighting conditions incompletely artificial lightingconditions and here also the cameraperformed actually much better than whatI expected and these were taken in theportrait mode with the rear facing camera and as you can see it did a goodjob now moving to selfies in indoor artificial lighting conditions here also again it actually a very good job as youkan see and these were taken with theportrait mode enable with the front facing camera and artificial lighting conditions so nevertheless to say cameras a high lighting strength of this device I have tested a lot of phones with 48 megapixel rear facing camera buthere definitely camera is standout so what do you guys think about this Oppo Evan do let me know in the comment section below

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