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Redmi Note 8 Pro (Electric Blue, 6GB RAM, 128GB Storage with Helio G90T Processor)

Redmi Note 8 Pro (Electric Blue, 6GB RAM, 128GB Storage with Helio G90T Processor)

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  1. 64MP AI Quad back camera with Portrait ultra-wide focal point, large scale focal point, drove streak, AI support, embellish support | 20MP forward looking camera 
  1. Execution: Smooth gaming involvement in incredible Helio G90T gaming processor, Game turbo and Liquid cooling innovation 
  1. 16.58 centimeters (6.53-inch) Dot Notch HDR Display with 2340 x 1080 pixels goals and 19.5:9 viewpoint proportion | 2.5D bended glass 
  1. With Amazon Alexa worked in: Simply state "Alexa" to play music, hear the news, control your keen gadgets or check the climate any place you are. Simply ask - and Alexa will react in a flash 
  1. Memory, Storage and SIM: 6GB RAM | 128GB inward memory expandable up to 512GB | Dual SIM (nano+nano) double backup (4G+4G) 
  1. Android Pie v9 working framework with 2.05GHz MediaTek Helio G90T octa center processor 
  1. 4500mAH lithium-polymer battery giving talk-time of 41 hours and reserve time of 666 hours | 18W quick charger 
  1. 1 year maker guarantee for gadget and a half year producer guarantee for in-box adornments including batteries from the date of procurement 
  1. Box additionally incorporates: Power connector, USB link, SIM discharge apparatus, guarantee card, client guide and clear delicate case.

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Describe about the phone

   hey what's up guys this is Xiao meas newmid-range phone the redmi note 8 pro andlike all of the redmi phones is packinga lot of features for a low price but insuch a crowded smartphone market arethey enough to make this device standout i'm wilford gsm marina and let'stake me in depth look in our full review[Music]the redmi note 8 pro is a prettyaffordable phone that wants to punchabove its weight class feature wise it'sgot a huge battery a new gaming centricchipset and an impressive-looking quadcamera setup the phone is built fromGorilla Glass though xiaomi has opted tomake the frame from plastic not metalprobably for budget reasons the finishis quite glossy and the glass isn'tentirely flat the subtle curves add anice aesthetic our model is in theconservative mineral gray but there arealso more eye-catching forest green andpearl white options but one strangedetail is that the rear mountedfingerprint scanner sits on the camerabump itself right below the cameras it'slightning fast and I haven't had a Missread yet but if you're not careful it'squite easy to accidentally smudge theultra white camera with your finger thephone is actually rather heavy maybebecause of the large battery it's alsoquite tall and slippery so not the bestdevice for one-handed use as you mighthave expected there isn't any officialwaterproofing on this phone but thanksto a special coating and rubber sealshall me says that it can handle somelight splashes the redmi note 8 pro isscreen is a tall i PS LCD with a 1080presolution at 6.5 inches it's a bitlarger than the one on the previousmodel it brings a familiar design bezelwise and the selfie cam is housed withina small water drop style notch at thetop this display looks nice even thoughit's not an AMOLED still there's goodcontrast for an LCD and high brightnessup to 460 nits with a manual slider andthere's a boost to 640 in auto mode whenit's sunny out colors aren't the mostaccurate however with whites tendingtoward bluish senses in LCD we didn'texpect an always-on display but there isa notification LED that can give you aheads up to check your messagesbesides using the fingerprint reader youcan quickly unlock the phone with facialrecognition and the lift to wakefunction it isn't as secure as thefingerprint scanner though the note 8pro is loudspeaker is located at thebottom near the USBC port it scored agood rating in our loudness tests whichis okay but a bit quieter than some ofthe competition otherwise sound ispretty decentheadphones can be plugged into the 3.5millimeter jack and the output here hasplenty of volume however it leaves moreto be desired as far as stereoseparation goes and there is somemeasured distortion you can opt for 64or 128 gigs of storage here and if youneed even more room for your multimediaand apps it is expandable to microSD andthere is NFC on this phone too if youneeded that for your mobile payments theredmi note 8 pro's user interface is thelatest version of shammies me--why 10over android 9pi one of the maindifferences from stock Android is thathere your apps are all kept on the homescreen there's no option for an appdrawer you can navigate with the defaultnavigation keys or use gestures and thelayout is nothing new here
 it all feelsquite intuitive there is a dark mode youcan enable which turns all of yoursystem menus black although it lookscool it won't save you power since thescreen is an LCD you have a lot ofcontrol over your notifications fromindividual apps you can enable ordisable them not only for the lockscreen or the 

   notification shade butalso the red badges that appear on yourapp icons the noted pro has an IRblaster which means that you can use thephone as a remote control for compatibleappliances and devices and there's gameturbo mode which will optimize the phonefor better gaming performance andenabled games within this menu our otherperformance and do-not-disturb settingsto xiaomi promotes the redmi note 8pro's capabilities for gaming so let'ssee what's under the hood it brings abrand new 12 nanometer mediatek helio g9TT chipset which is supposed to be morepowerful than his predecessors whilestill being energy efficient in combinedCPU and GPU benchmarks the redmi note 8pro tops all of his competitorsit's scores even approach those of lastyear's flagships impure GPU tests isMally g76 chip does fall short of theadrenal 630 from the snapdragon 845 butwe're still impressed in addition thephone runs quite cool thanks to hisinternal vapor chamber and we were ableto push this device pretty hard withbenchmarks and games without thermalthrottling powering the notate pro is alarge 4,500 million power battery andtogether with the power efficientchipset it provides outstanding batterylife screen on time is stellar and inour proprietary battery tests the phoneearned a 114 hour endurance rating oneof the best scores we've seen chargingspeed isn't quite as stellar the notedpro supports quick charge 4.0 and USBpower delivery and an 18 watt chargergot us from 0 to 39 percent in half anhour not too bad but nothing special nowlet's talk about the cameras the note 8pro is one of the first phones with asixty four megapixel quad bayar maincamera you also get an 8 megapixel ultrawide cam a 2 megapixel camera for macroshots and a depth sensor daylight photoswith a main camera come out in 16megapixels and they have plenty ofdetail great contrast and vibrant colorsthere are some issues though there'svisible over sharpening and dynamicrange could be better with some clippedhighlights here and there you have theoption to shoot in the full 64megapixels and unlike other quadri orcameras we've used you actually do getnice results here there's an impressivedetail and the sharpening halos are gonejust remember that the file size is muchlarger even though there's no telephotocamera the phone's 2x digital zoom isactually pretty decentthanks to being cropped from such alarge resolution sometimes it's hard toeven tell that it wasn't shot from adedicated telephone sadly the resultsfrom the ultra wide camera aren't greatof course this gives you a wider fieldof view which you may want for yourcomposition but these turned out softand low in detail and the dynamic rangeis worse than on the main camp portraitsare taken with the main camera and theyhave natural skin tones wide dynamicrange and decent detail however the edgedetection isn't always on points and weexpected better from a phone with adedicated depth sensor here are someclose-up shots we took with the macrocamera the main benefit isyou can get quite close to focus on thesubject but since the lens isn't verybright you can often get a betterquality result just by cropping an imagefrom the main camera at night the maincamera's performance isn't stellar butit's alrightimages are soft but dynamic range isdecent and noise is kept in checkyou also get punchy colors and nicecontrast switching to the dedicatednight mode will give you a sharper moredetailed image and dynamic range isimproved in the shadows it gives you abetter result overall without goingoverboard or looking unnatural so werecommend leaving this on all the timeas far as the ultra wide camera goes isbarely usable in low-light and itdoesn't work with med mode it left usquite disappointed let's move on to the20 megapixel F 2.0 selfie cam althoughfocus is fixed it does an excellent jobproducing some of the best selfies we'veseen on a mid-range er they're sharp anddetailed and the HDR works great thenote 8 pro can record video from themain cam and up to 4k at 30fps and theselook pretty goodthere's a nice detail on dynamic rangeis decently what the colors are a bitover the top though with high contrastand saturation there is no stabilizationin 4k either but 1080p videos areelectronically stabilized you can recordwith the ultra wide camera only in 1080pand the results are nothing special sothat's the redmi note aid pro for 250euros you get a nice looking glassdesign outstanding battery lifeclass-leading performance a bright LCDscreen a great main camera and anexcellent selfie cam of course Xiaomihad to make some compromises here andthere in the most noticeable places inthe quad camera setup sure it soundsexciting but honestly besides the maincam the other three cameras aren't soimpressive or even useful and if you'relooking for an OLED screen you can findit in the real me xt for around the sameprice but that one's not availableglobally overall there's just not awhole lot to complain about here theredmi note 8 pro delivers standoutfeatures in an affordable package and itearns our full recommendation.

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