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Samsung Galaxy M21 ( Midnight Blue 64 GB)

Samsung Galaxy M21 ( Midnight Blue 64 GB)

  1. Model Name :- Samsung galaxy M21 ( Midnight Blue)
  2. Model Number :- B07HGJJ559
  3. RAM :- 4GB
  4. ROM :- 64 GB TO 512 GB
  5. Screen Size :- 16.26 Cm. ( 6.4 Inch ) Full HD Display
  6. Primary Camera :- 48Mp+8Mp+5Mp
  7. Secondary Camera :- 20 Mp
  8. Battery Capacity :- 6000MAH
  9. Processor :- Exynos 9611 - octa Processor
  10. SIM Type :- Dual Sim
  11. Network Type :- 4G VOLTE
  12. Supported Network Type :- 4G VOLTE, GSM
  13. Warranty :- 1 year manufacturer warranty for device and 6 months warranty for in box accessories including batteries from the date of purchase.

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Describe about the phone

the Samsung Galaxy m-21 packs in decentspecifications and a big battery at aprice that looks great on paper but cantake aggressive competition from Xiaomiand drill me well watch this video tillthe very end to find out but before wego ahead be sure to subscribe to theguide is 360 YouTube channel and clickthat buy like on so that you are thefirst to know when we have a new video   at first glance the Galaxy m21 looksalmost identical to the galaxy m31 waslaunched last year galaxy m21 also has asix thousand milliamp hour battery andan exhaust 961 one processor more onthis in a bit but now I want to talkabout the display because it has becomea big differentiating factor forSamsung's Galaxy M series phones thislovely AMOLED display is the bestfeature of the galaxy m31 AMOLED panelsare not very common in the sub 15,000rupee price segment and it's great tosee such a vivid panel here brightnesslevels are good and so are viewingangles so you can consider the galaxym-21 if you are planning to watch a lotof videos on your smartphone thespeakers are adequate but they soundtinny to me a side effect of the bigdisplay is that it is difficult to reachthe top of the panel having said thatthe power button and the rear mountedfingerprint scanner are easy to teachthe fingerprint scanner is quick tounlock the smartphone and so is facerecognition    Samsung has been making phones in thegalaxy M series out of plastic mainly tokeep the cost down and it looks like thegalaxy m-21 2 is made with a strictprice in mind now this is one trade offyou'll have to live with if you go forthe galaxy M 21 on to the software thisis an underrated part of the Samsungsmartphone experience and the galaxy M21 has one UI 2.0 based on Android tapewhich has impressed us on other Samsungsmartphones with the galaxy m31you need to be careful while setting upthe device or Samsung will send youmarketing notifications other than thatthe user experience is quite good youget nice features like Dolby Atmos foryour phones a dark mode that looks greaton this AMOLED display and and always onthis- let's talk about performance now theexhaust 96:1 one is a capable processorand can take care of basic apps withoutany signs of slowing down however I didnotice that heavy apps took some time toload the phone could switch betweenmultiple apps without any issuesI played pub G mobile on the galaxy m-21to see how the phone handles it the gamedefaulted to the high settings withgraphics set to HD and framerate set tohigh I did notice some occasionalstutter in the gameplay at thesesettings after playing the game for 15minutes we noticed that the device wasslightly warm to the touch andregistered a 3% battery draw batterylife on the galaxy M 21 has beenexcellent    this phone lasted us for two days withour regular use thanks to the sixthousand milliamp hour battery in our HDvideo loop test the device managed tolast for 21 hours and 48 minutes thesupplied 50 watt charger takes over 2hours to charge the phone from zero tohundred percent finally let's talk aboutthe camera performance this phone has atriple camera setup and the specs are onyour screen right now in daylight wefound the camera performance to be goodand the galaxy m21 managed to capturegood details and text at a distance waslegible however we would have liked abit more sharpness in the output thewide-angle camera has a lower resolutionwhich is evident in photos it does notmanage details as well as the primaryshooter it does offer you a wider fieldof view but there is visible Distortionfor close-ups the photos managed tocreate a natural depth effect betweenthe subject and the background in ourtests the subject wasn't focused andsharp when shooting portraits using thelive focus mode the galaxy m21 lets youselect the level of blur in the outputlow-light camera performance is not asgood as some of the other smartphones wehave tested in this price range thegalaxy m31 managed to keep noise undercontrol but there was a water color lakeeffect in the output quality dropsfurther if you use the wide-angle camerain low light the night mode on thegalaxy aim 21 manages to produceslightly better output but the phonecrops the frame slightly to minimizeshakes   this phone has a 20 megapixel selfiecamera and the selfie is taken indaylight had good detail butbeautification is enabled by default inlow-light selfies had no noise butgreens were visible on zooming in videorecording max out at 4k for the primarycamera but there is a 10-minute limitfor Clips which feels restrictive theselfie camera is capped at 1080p videorecorded in daylight had a shimmereffect which could make your footageunusable there is a super steady modewhich delivers better stabilizationthere is no stabilization at 4k and theshimmer effect was even worse inlow-light and the super steady mode didcause a drop in video quality there aretwo main differences between the galaxym21 and the galaxy em success the galaxyM 21 has a high resolution selfie cameraand is available at a lower price otherthan that the two phones are almostidentical the lower price and the betterchance of getting updated to Android 11at some point tips the scale in thegalaxy M 20 ones favor  however the galaxy M 21 itself is justan average device at this price pointcompetitors such as the real me 6 andthe redmi note 9 pro offer impressiveperformance and better cameras atroughly the same price so that was ourreview of this galaxy aim 21 now what doyou think about the smartphone let usknow in the comment section down below

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