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Importance of Science in our daily life

Importance of Science in our daily life

what is science before we discuss thisquestion it is necessary to know thatwe're from word science is originatedscience word is originated from arelated word SIA means to know basicallythe word sire was converted into anotherLatin word scientia means knowledge thedifference in these both words is thatsire is a word and Sancho is a nounnow it is clear that the word science isdrived from Latin word Sancho but actualorigin is another Latin word SIAnow what science means well it knowledgeor organized knowledge by definition wecan define science is the knowledge weobtain through observations andexperiments in other words we can saythat science is the knowledge obtainedthrough scientific approach orscientific methodyou.

Human Civilization has come into existence after a cronological development and an evolutionary change. Now a days man has been designated as morden man due to devlopement of Science & Technology. Science, that may be a bless or course for human society, but on the prevailing condition, it has been playing a vital role for the upliftment of human race.

   From down to night, we spend our times through Science. If we want to leave our bed early in the down, we can take the help of Alarm clock which is a great contribution of Scientifical invention. So we start our work with Science and end our work with Science. Brushing, Washing, Bathing, Cooking, Traveling......etc are done by Scientific process even different works have been performed by the Scientifical invention. They may be field works or official work, all are done Properly, Easily & Smoothly by the blessings of Science and Technology. The primary or basic needs like Food, Clothes & Shelter have been easily obtained by Science. Detection of different Deseases & easily Found by the Scientifical Experiments.

    Science help us to facilitate our Study affairs. Invention of Computer & different electronic instruments have made easier to solve any difficult problem and enable us to achieve a Glorious Future.

   So our dreams in every sphere of our lives have come true due to devlopement of Science.

we live in an age of science we can seethe wonder of science around us sciencehas made our life easy and comfortablewe can not think of our modern lifewithout science the first wonder ofmodern science filter discovery ofelectricity it has changed our life so asociety and culture it is a great sourceof power and energy.
  The radio televisionlight fans electric irons meansfactories and refrigerator all work forthe power of electricity science hasmade our communication is the unshod allthe seas rivers road dealershipslaunches boats trains buses cars etcthese are all the gift of sciencetelegraph telephone fax and viruses arealso some important means ofcommunication trends streamersaeroplanes buses etc make thecommunication quick and easyscience has done Mott's in the field ofagriculture the use of scientificinstruments fertilizer and insecticidehas into Google sirsciences conclude DICE's by inventingvarious medicines x-ray cardiographmicroscope and it's etcetera andrelieved human sufferingscience has discovered in any things forour equation we use cinema televisionradio tape recorder this year etceterafor 4G creation our plots and many otheressential products like pepper paintsetc our principle to make only becauseof sciencenowaday we cannot taint ofhuman life without science but we shoulduse it in the silently.

science can be defined as theprocess of observing and questioning theworld around us we also sometimes callthe things we learn throughexperimentation science in fact the termscience itself comes from a Latin wordthat means knowledge and the names ofmany branches of science end with ologywhich means study of in Greek scientistsaim to gain new knowledge through adiscipline set of steps called thescientific method the scientific methodconsists of asking a question proposinga possible solution called a hypothesistesting the hypothesis through a seriesof experiments examining the results ofthe experiments to see if the hypothesishas been supported or refuted and thenproposing a new question or a newhypothesis scientists can specialize inone of hundreds of different fields allwhich focus on different types ofknowledge for example physical scienceslike chemistry and physics examine thelaws of nature they're considered to bethe fundamental sciences becauseeverything in the universe obeys thesenatural laws astronomers physicists andengineers study physical sciences IsaacNewton Albert Einstein and Marie Curiewere physical scientists scientists andlife sciences like evolutionmicrobiology in zoology setting anythingliving medicine is also considered to beeight life science Charles Darwin andRachel Carson are two well-knownbiologists social scientists who takejobs in fields such as psychologysociology and anthropology study humansand human behavior Sigmund Freud andMargaret Mead were both socialscientists science never ends every dayscientists make new discoveries andanswer new questions but there arealways new mysteries to uncover andproblems to solve for thousands ofhow-to and advice

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