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Tomorrow is the final hearing of Puri rath yatra in the Supreme Court

Three chariots having large amounts of the bar? The custom of quite a long while of respectful and respectful travel isn't broken? By what strategy will the statement happen this year amidst the scourge of illustrious festival? The predetermination of all of these requests is in the ownership of the Supreme Court. This is because the intrigue archived by the Odisha Development Council to stop the rath yatra will be heard tomorrow. Khod Chief Justice S.A. A three-judge seat headed by Bobade will hear the case. 

Meanwhile, another remarkable solicitation has been archived by the Development Council of India testing the choice of the Odisha High Court, which had earlier dropped a decision on the state government to make game arrangements for the rath yatra. Meanwhile, a stipulation has been recorded in the Supreme Court for Mr. Jagannath Sanskriti Janajagaran Suraksha Manch and Puri Bar Association Advocate's visit today. 

So the request here is whether this Asmita of the Oriya nation can be freed from the Indra net of the law before the 23rd rath yatra? So the state government has not yet picked the rath yatra. 

Limitation bundles required a boycott of the party, refering to "grave terrible conduct and real bad behavior." Even senior BJP pioneer Vijay Mohapatra said the court-upheld Rath Yatra lawful question was bolstered. Congress said the case was pending in the Supreme Court, which would be a noteworthy test for the council. Likewise, the BJP said it was tasteless to scrutinize the Mahaprabhu's outing. 

In the midst of this confusion, Shreeji's Ansar's system is as yet set up. The three chariots were structured in the chariot yard. Today, on the eleventh day of Khali, Shukla's pieces of clothing will be removed from Thakur's place of love and edges will be worn. Chaturdhamurthy will be reestablished ensuing to eating up ten fundamental establishments of alcohol. The three chariots are going full scale and the paint work is in progress. The side divinities are placed in the chariot.

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