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Vivo V17 (Midnight Ocean, 8GB RAM, 128GB Storage) with No Cost EMI/Additional Exchange Offers

Vivo V17 (Midnight Ocean, 8GB RAM, 128GB Storage) with No Cost EMI/Additional Exchange Offers

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  1. 32MP Front Camera | AI Quad Rear Camera 48MP+8MP+2MP+2MP 
  2. 16.36cm (6.44) E3 S Amoled FHD+ Display 
  3. Memory, Storage and SIM: 8GB RAM | 128GB inward memory and upto 256 GB expandable | Dual SIM (nano+nano) double reserve (4G+4G) 
  4. In-Display Fingerprint 
  5. Android Pie v9 dependent on OS 9.2 working framework with Qualcomm Snapdragon 675AIE octa center processor 
  6. 4500mAH lithium-particle battery | 18W double motor quick charging innovation 
  7. 1 year maker guarantee for gadget and a half year producer guarantee for in-box adornments including batteries from the date of procurement 
  8. Box likewise incorporates: Earphones, type-c to USB link, USB power connector, SIM ejector, defensive case, defensive film (applied) and client manual 
  9. Producer Detail: vivo Mobile India Private Limited TECH-1 and TECH-2, World Trade Center, Plot No. TZ-13A, Techzone(I.T. Park),,Greater Noida,Uttar Pradesh-201308,Indiaacker Detail: vivo Mobile India Private Limited TECH-1 and TECH-2, World Trade Center, Plot No. TZ-13A, Techzone(I.T. Park),,Greater Noida,Uttar Pradesh-201308,India

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Describe about the phone

   this is the vivo v17 Pro and it was thefirst smartphone in India with a dualpop-up selfie camera it stood outbecause there was nothing else on themarket that offered such a setupvivo has now launched a non provisioncalled the v17 and as you can see doesnot have a dual pop-up camera instead ithas tiny hole punch and it's priced attwenty-two thousand nine hundred andninety rupees with markets alreadysaturated with affordable smartphonescan this v17 make its MA well we reviewto find out before we go ahead with thefull review of the vivo v17 be sure tosubscribe to the gaseous 360 youtubechannel and click that men icon so thatyou are the first to know when we have anew videothe vov 17 has super slim bezels at thetop and sides of the screen the sixpoint four four inch Super AMOLEDdisplay has a full HD plus resolution welike the vivid output and it's a viewingangle it has a tiny hole punch for theselfie camera yes it does cut intocontent when watching videos and playinggames but it wasn't big enough to botherus this phone also has an in displayfingerprint scanner which is quick tounlock the smart phone there is facerecognition as well which uses the tinyhole punch camera to quickly scan yourface and unlock the smart phonethe vivo v17 looks gorgeous especiallyin this geisha ice color finish and ithas a compact 4 camera set up at theback we 17 isn't too bulky and weighsonly a hundred and seventy-six grams atthe bottom it has a USB type-c port with3.5 mm audio jack microphone andloudspeaker vivo has used a plasticframe for this device and the back panelalso feels plasticy all the buttons ofposition of the right and are fairlyeasy to reach the sim tray is on theleft and has two nano SIM slots as wellas a dedicated micro SD card slot thev17 is powered by the QualcommSnapdragon 600 v SOC which is surprisingand disappointedwe will recently use the exact sameprocessor in the u-20 which cost lessthan half as much as this V 17 thecompany could have at least used aSnapdragon 730 processor which iscurrently powering the lights of the redNikkei - ending the V 17 comes in oneconfiguration only with 8 GB of RAM and128 GB of storage in terms of softwarethe V 17 runs frontage OS 9.2 on top ofAndroid 9 pi the UI is very differentfrom stock Android and could take sometime getting used to it does not have anapp drawer and we did find a fair amountof bloatware pre-installed on thesmartphone and some of them includingapps like hello and daily hunt spammedus with notifications which was annoyingthe Snapdragon 675 SOC is capable ofdelivering the smooth usable Androidexperience without any lag or stutterwe could also multitask easily betweenmultiple apps thanks to 8gb of RAM onthe smartphone pubsey mobile defaultedto the high preset and ran without anyissues after playing this game for 20minutes we noticed that the device didget warm to the touch in anair-conditioned group we have noticedthe same kind of heating issue with theSamsung Galaxy AM 40 and the redmi note7 prothe vivo v17 packs in a 4500 milliamphour battery and it lasted us for a dayand a half with our usage in our HDvideo loop test this Mart phone went onfor 16 hours and 44 minutes we wereships and 18 more chargers in the boxwhich managed to get the smart phone to70% in an are the vivo v17 has a quadcamera setup consisting of a forty eightmegapixel primary sensor an 8 megapixelultra wide-angle camera the 2 megapixelmacro camera and a 2 megapixel depthsensor the camera apt is unchangedcompared to what we have seen on otherrecent vivo smartphones 

    before the 8megapixel primary camera takes 12megapixel shots by default and we foundit to be quick to set the focus andexposure in daylight the vivo v17 tookdecent shots and managed good amounts ofdetail however we did notice grainyoutput in the shadows we also found thedynamic range to be just acceptablephotos taken from the wide-angle camerawere distorted at the edges and thecolor tone was slightly off forclose-ups we found the smartphone to bequick to love focus though we did haveto tap the display at times to get it tofocus the camera has a bogey mode whichmanaged good separation between subjectsand backgrounds in our test it also letsus set the level of glow before pickinga short there is portrait mode as wellwhich mainly offers a lot ofbeautification options before to take ashot the macro camera on the vivo v17lets you get super close to a subject inorder to capture fine details it managedto focus on tiny objects but we feelthat the novelty of a macro camera willwear off soon for most people inlow-light the smartphone managed todeliver good shots with ample detail thefine grain was still visible on zoomingin when we enabled night modewe got brighter images with bettergradients overallselfies turned out well in the day aswell as at nightthe b-17 also lets you take a selfieusing night mode which results in muchbetter details now video recording maxesout at 4k for the primary camera and1080p for the selfie shoot off footageshot in the day was well stabilized whenshooting a 1080p while 4k video wasn'twe noticed that stabilization inlow-light wasn't great resulting in avery noticeable shimmer effect in theoutput VEVO has picked an excellentAMOLED panel and the tiny hole punchisn't distracting v17 also offers decentbattery life and supports fast chargingthanks to the night mode it also managedgood photos in low light however justlike the vivo v7a pro the choice ofprocessor is questionable as you get thesame kind of performance from the vivou20 which is priced at just ten thousandnine hundred and ninety repeat and attwenty two thousand nine hundred andninety rupees the g17 is too expensivefor what it offers at this price theretina k20 looks like a far better dealwith a more powerful processor and abetter experience overall and that wasour review of this evo v 17 so what doyou think about the smart phone let usknow in the comment section down belowa .

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