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What is Computer ?

*What is Computer ?

*DefinitionOf Computer:-
*A Computer is an electronic equipment/divorce capable of solving problem by performing complex processing of information without manual intervention at a tremendously fast speed.
*The word Computer comes from the word compute which means to calculate. A Computer can store, Process and retrieve as and when desired.
*Input - Process - Output
Input(Data)>Process (CPU)>Output(Data)
*Characteristics of Computer

  • Automatic
  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Diligence (No tiredness)
  • Versatility(Can handle all types of job)
  • Power of remembering
  • No IQ
  • No Feeling

    * The Evolution of Computer
    The earliest derice that qualifies as a Computer is the"ABACUS". The ABACUS was invented around 600B.C.
    *The first mechanical adding mechine was invented by Blasise Pascal in 1642.
    • The Mark 1 Computer (1934-47)
    • The Atandsoft Berry Computer (1939-42)
    • The ENIAC(Electrical Numerical Integrator & Calculator)(1943-46)
    • The EDVAC(Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer)(1946-52)
    • The EDSAC(Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator)(1947-49)
    • Manchester Mark I (1948)
    • The UNIVAC I (Universal Automatic Computer)(1951)
    • IBM 701(1952)
      *First Generation (1942-55)
      ENIAC, EDVAC, EDSAC, UNIVACI, IBM 701 Computers were were devloped and vacuum tube was used.

      *Second Generation (1955-64)
      Instead of vacuum tube transistor was used. High level programming language like FORTAIN, COBOL, ALGOL, SNOBOL were interduced.

      *Third Generation (1964-75)
      Integrated circuits (IC/CHIP) are circuits consisting of several electronic components like TRANSISTORS, RESISTORS, CAPACITORS grown on a single chip of sillicon eliminating wired interconnection between components. Some more high level languages like PL/L, PASCAL & BASIC were interduced.

      *Fourth Generation (1979-1889)
      Personal Computer (PC) revolution was started LAN(Local Area Network), WAN(Wide Area Network) were interduced. C and C++ programming languages was interduced.

      *Fifth Generation (1989-Present)
      RAM (Random Access Memory) capacity moved up to 1G.B. Hard Disk capacity improved from 4G.B. to 500G.B. www(World Wide Web) was interduced. Programming languages such as JAVA, VB were interduced.
      *Type Of Computer
      1. Analogue Computers.
      Example:- Speedo Meter
      2. Digital Computers.
      Example:- Digital Calculator
      3. Hybrid Computers.
      Example:- Personal Computers

      today computers are all around us fromdesktop computers to smartphones theyare changing the way that we live ourlives but have you ever asked yourselfwhat exactly is a computer a computer isan electronic device that manipulatesinformation or data the computer seesdata as ones and zeros but it knows howto combine them into more complex thingssuch as a photograph a movie a website agame and much more computers use acombination of hardware and softwarehardware is any physical part of thecomputer which includes all of theinternal components and also theexternal parts like the monitor and thekeyboard software is any set ofinstructions that tells the hardwarewhat to dosuch as a web browser media player orword processor now when most people saycomputer they're talking about apersonal computer this can be a desktopcomputer or a laptop computer which hasbasically the same capabilities but in amore portable package personal computerscome in two main styles PC and Mac PCsare the most common type there are manydifferent companies that make them andthey usually come with the MicrosoftWindows operating system Mac'sor Macintosh computers are all made byone company Apple and they come with theMac OS 10 operating system computerscome in many other shapes and sizesmobile phones tablets game consoles andeven TVs have built-in computersalthough they may not do everything adesktop or a laptop canthere's another type of computer thatplays an important role in our livesservers a server serves information toother computers on a network in factevery time you use the Internet webservers deliver the webpages that youwant to see to your computer servers arealso used in many offices to store andshare files as you can see there aremany different types of computers outthere and they affect our lives in avariety of ways.

      whatis a computer

          A computer is a machinemade of four devices that enable you toenter data process it store it andoutput the result let me give you a verybasic level of definition for example ifyou want to make a mango shake you needmango pulp sugar milk then are churningmachine or mixture which will basicallyoutput the mango shake in this casebasically mango pulp sugar and milk actlike a input for a computer and thechurning machine will act as aprocessing device and the mango shake isbasically the output in terms ofcomputer parts of a computer mainlythere are two parts of a computerhardware and software hardware refers tothe parts of a computer that you cantouch or feel the CPU monitor keyboardmouse printer scanner and microphonesare examples of computer hardwaresoftware basically refers to theprograms or instruction given to acomputer that perform specific tasks ona computer microsoft windows officeWinZip adopt photoshop all these arebasically example of software inputdevices basically data or instructionsare entered into the computer with thehelp of input devices common example ofinput devices are keyboard and mouseprocessing data performing calculationsor comparing data is called asprocessing processing is the action thatconverts data into meaningful ininformation let me give you an examplefor example you want to add two numberseighty five and seventy so eighty fiveand seventy both act as an input for acomputer and the addition function plusis basically a processing action for ourcomputer and the output which isbasically 155 as an act as a outputafter processing of CPU storing data alarge amount of data can be stored oncomputers the data entered into acomputer is stored on its hard disk thehard disk cd-rom DVD ROM and pen drivesall are used to store informationpermanently by computer output devicesthe result given by computer afterprocessing data is called as output theoutput device shows or place the resultafter the input has been processedmonitor printer speaker all these arethe examples of output devices

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