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parts of speech

Parts of Speech

Each word in a sentence has a capacity. As indicated by the work they do in a sentence, words are partitioned into various classes called Parts of Speech.

Parts of Speech Types

They are 8 types. Such as :-
i. Noun
ii. Adjective
iii. Pronoun
iv. Verb
v. Adverb
vi. Preposition
vii. Conjunction
viii. Interjection

1) Noun

Noun is a naming word that denotes a name of Person, Place & Things. It is called as Noun.
Example :- Renuka, Gita, Shyam, Beasant Nagar, Paris, Italy, Oil, Memory Card 
  • Slam was an insightful lord. 
  • Amisha is a decent young lady. 
  • America is on the bank of the waterway Thames 
  • Kalidasa is the Shakespeare of India 
  • Paris is the capital of London 
  • India is the most crowded nation on the planet 
  • Jeff Bezos is the most extravagant individual on the planet 
  • Rama Killed Ravana 

2) Adjective

Adjectives words portray (qualify) noun and pronouns. 'House' is a thing that names a sort of structure, however to demonstrate a particular house, you might need to depict it further by considering it a "roomy, white house". Extensive and white are adjectives. 
Example :- Green seat, Melodious tune, Tall kid, Skilful specialist.
  • They live in a magnificent house. 
  • Lisa is wearing a sleeveless shirt today. This soup isn't satisfactory. 
  • She wore a magnificent dress. 
  • He creates garbage letters. 
  • This shop is significantly progressively charming. 
  • She wore a magnificent dress. 
  • Ben is an adorable kid. 
  • Minda's hair is great. 
  • This glass is unstable. 
  • I met a transient in NY

3) Pronoun

A Pronoun is a word that is utilized rather than a Noun . We can say Pronouns supplant Noun. 

In the sentence, "Vimala went into the room however she didn't address me," "she" a Pronoun alludes to Vimala.
Example:- I, You, He, His, She, Hers, Theirs, Us, We..etc..,
  • I am getting my work done 
  • Smash is getting his work done 
  • This is my home 
  • She is my sister 
  • They are playing cricket. 
  • She is composing a letter to me.

4) Verb

A Verb is a word or gathering of words that communicates an activity or a states .
Example:- Laugh, Talk, Jump, Fight.

5) Adverb

The word "Adverb" comes from the Latin word 'ad'-(in addition) and 'Verbum' (word).

It is a word that adds more to the meaning of a verb, an adjective or another adverb.
Example:- Very, Tomorrow, Loudly, Brightly ...etc
  • Pooches rest on the pet tangle serenely. 
  • He run quick. 
  • The Superjare bed table overlays without any problem. 
  • The EVA Mats fit impeccably on hardwood floor. 
  • He sings well.


A Preposition is a word or phrase placed before a noun or pronoun or noun phrase or Pronoun phrase.

Relational word used to show different sort of relations, for example, , place, time, technique and way, reason and reason, ownership, heading and movement.
Example:- After, Before, By, Of, With...etc
  • I stare at the TV in the front room. 
  • I live in New Delhi. 
  • She met him at the show 
  • I met him at the entryway. 
  • My condo is on the third floor. 
  • I viewed the Mahabaratha on TV.


Conjunction interface words, expression, statements and sentences. Basic called a Conjunction is a word that interfaces words or gathering of words.
Example:- Unless, Since, If, Or, While....etc
  • The cow got up and gradually left. 
  • She was both sharp and lovely. 
  • Raju just as Manjuqualified for the finals. 
  • She was commended as well as compensated

8) Interjection

Interjection express feelings, and sentiments. They are basic in casual composition.
Example:- Hurrah!, Alas!, Great!, Aha!, Wow!, Ouch!, Che!.
  • shouts, for example, Ouch! or then again Cheers! 
  • shows, for example, Hello! or on the other hand Welcome!  
  • articulations like Excuse me! Sorry! Much obliged to you! or on the other hand Oh dear! 
  • remarkable sounds, for example, Oops! Shh! or on the other hand Whew!

9) Articles

Numerous Grammarians incorporate 'Articles' in Adjectives. Any place they are, 'a', 'an' and 'the' will be the articles

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