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Mi A3 Price In India - Full Review Of Mi A3 Features

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Hi Friends, today we have been before you again with the new article, today in this article, we will realize that the date and cost in India about the Xiaomi mi A3 cell phone will give full data about it.

Xiaomi's Redmi A3 will before long be lunch with a 4000MAh battery at a cost of only 6000 rupees

Xiaomi is planning to dispatch another Smartphone advertise. Truly, considering the accomplishment of Redmi Series, the organization has chosen to lanch Redmi A3. The highlights of this telephone are supposed to be very amazing. Interestingly, the cost of this telephone is being accounted for as just Rs 6000. So let us acquaint you with its highlights.

As indicated by the news got: 

1: Redmi A3 is furnished with 4000 MAh battery and unique mark scanner.

With a 2: 5 inch HD Display, the Redmi A3 has a 1.4GHz Snapdragon 435 octa center prosesar.

3: 2 GB ram and Adreno 505 GPU are also included in the feature of this phone.

4: Talking about memory, Redmi A3 has 16 GB of internal memory which can be extended through microSD card.

5: 13 megapixel rear camera and 5 megapixel front camera have been given for photography.

6: For better connectivity, it has been given LTE modem and Wi-Fi sport with VoLTE.

Full Review Of Mi A3 Features

  1. Launch Date in India: - June 26, 2019
  2. Brand: - Xiaomi
  3. Model: - Mi A3
  4. Operating System: - Android v9.0 (Pie)
  5. Custom UI
  6. Android One
  7. SIM Slot (s)
  8. Dual SIM, GSM + GSM, Dual VoLTE

  9. SIM Size
  10. SIM1: Nano
  11. SIM2: Nano (Hybrid)
  12. Network: -4G: Available
  13. 3G: Available, 2G: Available
  14. Screen Size: - 6.3 inches (16 cm)
  15. Screen Resolution: - 1080 x 2340 pixels
  16. Pixel Density: - 409 ppi
  17. Display Type: - IPS LCD
  18. Touch Screen: - Capacitive Touchscreen, Multi / touch
  19. Performance
  20. Chipset: - Qualcomm Snapdragon 710
  21. Processor: - Octa core (2.2 GHz, Dual core, Kryo 360 + 1.7 GHz, Hexa Core, Kryo 360)
  22. Architecture: - 64 bit
  23. Graphics: - Adreno 616
  24. RAM: - 4 GB
  25. Storage
  26. Internal memory: - 64 GB
  27. Expandable Memory: - Up to 256 GB
  28. Camera
  29. Main camera
  30. Resolution: - 48 MP + 2 MP Dual Primary Cameras
  31. Autofocus
  32. Flash
  33.  LED Flash
  34. Image Resolution: - 8000 x 6000 Pixels
  35. Settings
  36. Exposure compensation, ISO control
  37. Shooting modes
  38. Continuos Shooting, High Dynamic Range mode (HDR)
  39. Camera Features
  40. Digital Jhoom, Auto Flash, Face detection, Touch to focus
  41. Front camera
  42. Resolution: - 32 MP Front Camera
  43. Battery
  44. Capacity: - 4000 mAh
  45. Type: -Li-ion
  46. User Replaceable: - No
  47. Network Connection
  48. SIM Size
  49. SIM1: Nano, SIM2: Nano
  50. Network sports: - 4G (supports Indian bands), 3G, 2G
  51. VoLTE: - Yes
  52. SIM 1
  53. 4G Bands: - TD-LTE 2300 (band 40)
  54. FD-LTE 1800 (band 3)
  55. 3G Bands: - UMTS 1900/2100/850/900 MHz
  56. 2G Bands: - GSM 1800/1900/850/900 MHz
  57. GPRS: - Yes
  58. EDGE: - Yes
  59. SIM 2
  60. 4G Bands: - TD-LTE 2300 (band 40)
  61. FD-LTE 1800 (band 3)
  62. 3G Bands: - UMTS 1900/2100/850/900 MHz
  63. 2G Bands: - GSM 1800/1900/850/900 MHz
  64. GPRS: - Yes
  65. EDGE: - Yes
  66. Wi-Fi: - Wi-Fi 802.11, b / g / n
  67. Wi-Fi Features: - Mobile Hotsot
  68. Bluetooth: - v5.0
  69. GPS: - with A-GPS
  70. USB Connectivity: -Mass storage device, USB charging
  71. USB Type-C: - (Doesn`t support micro-USB)
  72. Multimedia: - Loudspeaker
  73. Audio Jack: - 3.5 mm
  74. Special Features: - Fingerprint Sensor
  75. Other Sensors: - Light sensor, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer, Compass, Gyroscope

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hi there this is Mr Ts. in thisArticles we'll be doing the full review forthe Xiaomi a3 and this is actuallyAndroid one smartphone and guys if youwant to know a jungle overview of thisone you can check out my unboxing inthis Article will directly jump betweenthe pros and cons what do I like aboutthis phone and what are the things thatare annoying me on this one and if youlook at the specs this is having arelatively smaller screen a 6.01 screenbut it's an AMOLED screen it has indisplay fingerprint scanner and otherspecs as you can see particularly thecamera layout is good it is having thattriple camera layout and other specs areon the screen for your reference solet's quickly jump between the pros andcons here is a less I'll go over all thepros and the cons in this video and thefirst thing that I liked is that thesedays many of the phones are coming withreally big sized screens this onerelatively if you look at it is having apretty compact size screen it's a 6.01screen and that's the reason as you cansee it fits easily within your head alsoin terms of styling some of you mightlike it or not but again this has thisstyling and if light falls on it you getthat reflection it actually looks prettycool so in terms of looks I would say itis looking actually pretty good it looksactually a pretty premium in my Frankopinion also because of its size iteasily fits in your hand pretty compactlike this and also at the build qualityis actually good black is also GorillaGlass the front is also Gorilla Glassnow moving to a fingerprint it has thisin display fingerprint scanner becauseit's having an AMOLED screen as you cansee and again I would say it's thefastest in display fingerprint scannerthat we have seen in the industry butyeah it takes about a second and worksalmost most of the time and there isalso that face unlocking option on thisit's provided but I would say do not usethat because it's not actually very verysecure so for unlocking I would say usethis in display fingerprint scannerthough it's not the fastest now one moresmall thing that I am liking on thisphone and themany of the phones are or might ring ishere on the top the right now I don'thave any notification we do have aphysical LED notification light but itis only in fight color and by defaultfor some strange reason actually it'snot enabled and you can actually go tothe notifications tabover here we have this apps andnotifications if you go over here thisone here you have this blink lightoption just enable that and then youwill have that physical LED notificationlike but it's just in white fella nowI'm moving to one more important thingas I tested this one in Heather bod withthe Geo and Airtel are in terms ofnetwork reception this is not cellularcall quality network reception I wouldsay this is actually a pretty good muchbetter than most of the other phonesthat I have tested in fact it comes inthe top tire I would say like theflagship Samsung phones for example Ihave always praised the Galaxy S 10 plusfor its network reception this one alsofalls in that for example right now alsoit's an ad do you want cell and in thisarea it tell is having actually very lowsignal but you know with that low signalyes it's still on low signal I am ableto take calls here without getting disconnected.
so that means the networkreception is actually good again of a Galso I did not have any problem and ithas a obviously volte support now movingto another important thing is that how'sthe earpiece on the smart phone becausethat is also a very important thing inmy Frank opinion and here I'm happy tosay that unlike some of the earlier whathe says Xiaomi phones for exampleparticularly if re caught with the redminote 7 providing never like the europeanwas not super clear but on this oneagain the earpiece is also very veryclear like high-end premium Androidphone so in that aspect while takingcellular calls they were crystal clearand did not have any problem and theother part is also never complainedabout calls getting muddy or anythinglike that so in that respect I would saylet me show me that actually a very goodjob moving to the speaker we just have asingle speaker over here just this areaspeaker so while watching videos andstuff you have to cup it like this butit's actually adequately loud herringtone volumes are also on the higherside so again for notifications etc Ieven took some calls for a speakerphoneI did not have a problem I also like thefact that now the 3.5 mm headphone jackis back that was missing on the me a 2now moving to what do you say anotherthing is that again this is a stockAndroid phone that's an Android onedevice that means it has talked Androidexperience as you can see you have theapp free and all those things you getthe so this is what experience you'llget even on pixel devices and stuff sothis is the pure Android experience whatGoogle intended so that is what you aregetting on this and the advantage ofthis one is that again you will not haveto worry about Android updates on thisonethis will get the Android updates veryquickly so you don't have to worry aboutthat so that is also actually a reallynice thing so in terms of Androidupdates you don't have to worry aboutthis one and you also get the latestsecurity updates so in that aspect it'sgot T Android not a lot of bloatware andanything that varies you also the movingto the performance I will talk about theSOC reservations what I have later theyare using the Snapdragon 6:65 SOC onthis one and as it's stopped Androidwithout any bloatware or anythingit handles everything fine and also interms of RAM management the RAMmanagement was fine but guys this is thereview on it and this is the higher-endvariant that comes with 6 gigabytes ofRAM and in this one again I never hadany issues of what you say RAMmanagement on this one so that way alsothe ROM management has been done well onthis device so no lag that I'm noticingon this one in day to day usage youwon't have an issue now some of you haveasked me does this phone exhibit anyoverheating issues or anything like thatand I would send no yes I don't startthe back after about 15-20 minutes ofcontinuous use it for example you arewatching YouTube videos replying to himadding tweets and stuff like that yesthe back gets slightly evolved but againthat's the common thing that I havenoticed with almost every Androidsmartphone that is having a glass backso in day to day usage I would sayheating is not an issue unless you'rejust giving continuously for a long I'lltalk about the gaming in the later partof the video now let's talk about thebattery on this one this has a fourthousand thirty million power batteryand I have to say the battery life isactually really good on this one it canthe standby well time is actually reallygood on this that means the idle drainis very low on this one hence it caneasily last for about one and a half andif you're sort of a casual user - even -about two days as you can see from thecharts it could last for almosto two days and then also had a littlebit battery left and about five hours ofSOT so for a typical days inusage I wouldsay it will last easily for aboutanywhere between 6 to 7 hours of sot andagain in terms of battery life i wouldsay again as its stock android and alsothe snapdragon 665 is very efficient sono issues regarding the battery lifeeasily a full working day for most usersnow moving to gaming yes you can dogaming with this one and i didn't play alot of games I just tried pop G and itran fine but as you can see from thescreenshot the puck G was by defaultbeing set to the low graphics setting sothat is something you have to note and Iplayed pop G on this low graphicssetting and it played fine but againjust sort of a heavy gamer and you wantthose higher graphics settings with popG and stuff this smartphone might not bethe one for you now moving to one thingthat really impressed me on thissmartphone is this camera setup man asyou can see we are having that triplecamera setup the main camera is actuallya forty eight megapixel Sony IMX 586sensor that's actually a really nice onethen we also have a wide-angle lens andlastly we have a two megapixel for depthand obviously we have the what do yousay flash over here and the front-facingcamera is actually a 32 megapixel andhere are some of the sample shot stafftaken with this one andas you can see in outdoor
lightingconditions it does a very good job buteven for skin tones and stuff as you cansee in red a very good job and even whenyou enable that portrait mode it comesout really good and I also like the factthat even in the wide-angle lens as youcan see used some of the samples here itactually does a very good job now I'mmoving to indoor lighting conditionsartificial lighting conditions here alsoI feel it is actually doing a very goodjob yes in very low lighting conditionsyes the image gets slightly soft butagain considering the competition andthe pricing around this one market Iwould say I had test a lot of phonesthis one is still doing a far better joband now moving to the front-facingcamera is a 32 megapixel I am as you cansee the front-facing camera performanceis also very good the only thing I wouldsay is that it's a slightly over shopbut again I disabled all the beautymodes while taking the shots and evenendowed samples as you can see I havethe images are really really sharp soagain the front-facing cameraperformance is also very good it's avery sharp one so in terms of camera Iwould say Xiaomi has really done a verygood job with this one so guys thesewere the pros of this device now let'smove to the cons and the biggest conpersonally for me for this device is theAMOLED screen panel that they have useddon't get me wrong I'm not complainingabout the 720p I'm ok with that but mybig problem is that this panel tries toover saturate everything that meansevery color actually looks much darkerthan what it is hence and when I wasinitially taking the photographs andjust looking at the screenI thought the photographs were not thatgood but when I moved the photographs tomy color calibrated monitor then I thepictures were not much better so thisscreen has a tendency to over saturateeverything and suddenly in the imagesettings we simply do not have anyoptions as of now to tweak that settingso again I simply do not like the colorcalibration on this oneagain I'm a little bit picky because Iwork with video so I know what color iswhat but it's simply notaccurate on this one and yes I would saythey went with this what do you sayAMOLED screen on this one but franklyspeaking I would have rather having agood quality IPS 1080p screen thanAMOLED screen which is actually notsuper correct in terms of color butagain it might vary so again if you areplanning to get this device I wouldsuggest go to local means store and lookat the screen and what some of thepictures and videos are you okay withthe colors or not ah and second thingthat I do not like on this one it hasall the basic sensors that you wouldmeet and also has the auto brightnesssensor but I feel the auto brightnesssensor calibration is simply not thatwell done on this one many times I haveto constantly fiddle around with thebrightness and now if we talk about thebrightness of the panel also here also Ifeel it's not a very bright power inoutdoor conditions when this where Ihave bright sunlight I feel even at themaximum brightness the screen is notthat bright it's not like it's notvisible I have to just move the phoneleft and right and it's visible but Ifelt that they did compromise on themaximum brightness also so to sum it upthe biggest con for me is the displaywhat Xiaomi has used on this one and nowmoving to another thing is that thisdevice does support fast charging ladyin what fast charging but the charge ofthat is supplied in the box is actuallyjust a 10 watt charger so you have tospend a little bit more to get that 18what fast charger they should havebundled it in the box and lastly isregarding the processor don't get mewrong the star dragon 665 will handleeveryday to us fine as we have seen nolag in the UI or anything but it puzzlesme that why didn't to show me go withsomething like a Snapdragon 710 or a7 12that would have been great for peoplewho would like to do heavy gamingbecause in games like pop G etc it issaid to know graphics settings so if youare sort of having a mod that I wouldnot recommend any with this phone so tosum it up I would say if I have tosummarize this one and if you look atthe base configuration that's around13,000 rupees the bigtransform me personally for this deviceit's the camera I feel at 13,000 rupeesthis one has the best camera setup andactual pictures that we get are actuallyreally really good for 13,000 rupeesboth the rear-facing as well as thefront-facing camera and I also like thefact that you have that wide-angle lensbut it's actually pretty useful and thesecond thing that I really like is thestock Android experienceit's a Android one device so you havethat stock Android on this no chunk oranything so again you don't have toworry about Android updates or anythingthey will come.
so if you're a puristyou'll really love it but again noremember that in stock Android you don'tget the features some of the featureslike called recording etc but again ifyou want stock Android I would sayyou'll really like it but for mepersonally the biggest cons so for thisdevice were the screen quality the panelthat they have used simply not coloraccurate that color corrector tries toover saturate the color you willeventually get used it but I test a lotof phones so I immediately have noticedthat and that is the thing that bugs meand lastly is they should have gone withthe Snapdragon 710 or SL 712 SOC thatwould have been better for gamers butanyways if you can look past the consand you're looking for a stock Androidsmartphone with actually pretty goodcameras and you're on a tight budget youcan certainly have a look at this withme in a three but anyways guys this wasmy review of the me a three what do youguys think about the me, then Comment me in below. 🙏 Thank you for Visiting.

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