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What is Website and Types Of Website ?

What is Website ?

People visit many different websites
every single day, but not everyone knows what they really are. So let's talk about that. To understand what the websites are,

you need first understand what a web page is. In short

web page is a text file with bunch of code in it. it's nothing special, really. Web pages
are written with following three languages:
HTML, CSS and JavaScript. To
make their functions more understandable.

  I'll use an analogy with the a... erm...  T-rex, yeah that will do. HTML is used to describe the structure
of the web page, to create the skeleton
for our your T-rex

what parts should the page be made of and in  which order should be placed,
this is all described with HTML. CSS is used for design purposes, make our T-rex look more realistic. Positioning, spaces between components, fonts and colors of the webpage is described with CSS. And finally JavaScript.

It is used to make that boring static
web page more dynamic, to add extra functionality to it. Search box's auto complete function, or profile preview function, are made possible with JavaScript.

The above was about the structure of a web page. And a website is basically a folder with a bunch of web pages and media files in it, like music, pictures, cat videos.

Yep, it is that simple, a bunch of files in a folder, nothing more. “But wait a second”, you might say, “I do not see any code, when I visit my Facebook page for example.
I see a logo, a menu bar, relationship posts and statuses I do not care about”.

Well, that's all thanks to your browser.
Browser is a program that takes all that code, analyzes it, and draws a web page onto your screen.By the way if you are interested what a code of a web page looks like, 

Types Of Website

Consistently you utilize the Internet to get some data and open numerous kinds of sites or sites. In which there are some web crawlers, Information Site, Social Site, Forum and numerous kinds of sites, we should now think about them in detail. 

Internet searcher and Portals

This is the site which you more likely than not done to look through this article. This site, which utilizes more than 1 billion individuals consistently. A portion of the names are EX–Google, Yahoo, Bing. Sayed, you too probably accomplished something consistently to scan for them. Google is additionally a web search tool webpage. On the off chance that anybody needs any kind of data on the planet, at that point you will get data on these destinations. Google as of now has data about different sites, that is the reason on the off chance that you search anything in Google, you get a rundown of Sites with precise outcomes. A few people keep Google with the Default Search Engine in their programs. Like chorome program has Google Search Engine. Or on the other hand you can likewise set the Default Search site by going to Setting. Some web indexes have more than one gateway like News, Email. Whose names are Yahoo, MSN.

International sites

These are a portion of these kinds of sites, whose intention is to offer data to individuals. They can likewise take some cash or give it free for them. In these locales you are given data about any organizations or ventures. These sites contain data on these classifications - TV Guides, Reference Material, Sports, Weather and Stock Data.

Individual Websites/Blogs

Making a site in the 21st Centaury isn't a Rocket Science. Be that as it may, for certain individuals this is a major thing since they don't have any information on PC and Internet. Making an individual blog has become like design in Vidoso. Individual sites and online journals are becoming exceptionally quick in the present Internet period. What sort of data will stay in these web journals, everything relies upon the bloggers. Like the site/blog you are on, this class has a place with you and our website www.hindime.net This blog has data about Internet, innovation, PC, SEO, Blogging, Motivation. On the off chance that you need to make your own site, at that point you can make your own site from Blogger.com, wix.com. With this, Free Template, Free Hosting is likewise accessible, in the event that you search on the Internet, you will get this data. On the off chance that you despite everything need to realize how to make a blog or site, at that point read these articles.

Web journals and online journals

You also will compose Syed Diaries. On the off chance that your answer is "yes" at that point you don't should be any further. On the off chance that your dairy is made on the web, at that point you can call it Blog. Where you can compose data of your decision. In any of these locales, Blogger.com and Windows Live Space (Microsoft) you have to join. In these two destinations you will discover various kinds of apparatuses with which you can structure your blog. You can run and introduce Blogging Software and WordPress in Mozuda Sites as of now. With their assistance, you can deal with your blog without any problem. You can make your reasoning and Sabbath online inside a couple of moments. One significant thing you can win cash as well. Since you won't know, it is anything but difficult to make, oversee Blogs. In the event that you go to Sikh, at that point another uncommon thing is that you acquire a decent measure of cash from Blogs these days. There is so much that you can't think. With the enormity of these bloggers, so much data of the world is accessible online today.

Organization sites

These days, each organization has a site, which contains a few pages of data. For example, Company Name, Services, Contact us page, About Us Page, Home page. Web is currently open market for everybody where individuals search about everything. That is the reason little organizations make their own locales.


Everybody knows something about the Forum Site. This is an online gathering where individuals pose inquiries and talk about any point with it. This is where individuals converse with one another and offer answers for their issues. These locales are additionally called Question and Answer Site. On the off chance that you search in the Internet, you will discover numerous Forum locales. Where you need to enlist Where you have any inquiry in your psyche, you can ask that as well. In the event that you have any data in any one point, at that point you can help individuals by addressing those inquiries. You can talk about a wide range of points on the discussion site. Quora is an extremely huge Online Forum Site. Where a huge number of individuals consolidate to respond to individuals' inquiries. You are likewise encouraged to go to any Forum Site and offer your insight with individuals. In the event that you need, you can make a Forum Site yourself.

Online Shops and Auctions sites

The web is predominantly utilized for correspondence and data looking. Be that as it may, you know, there are numerous organizations where individuals sell their merchandise on the web. On the off chance that you need as well, on the off chance that you make a one of a kind item, at that point you can likewise sell them on the web. The names of those online destinations are Amazon.com, Flipkart.com, Amazon.in and Snapdeal.com. They fall in the shopping site class. In the present time, the world is looking for products online so quick, you should think can not get how much goods will be sold online in one day.

Social networking

The names of Websites that fall in this category are known as the child. Twitter, Facebook, Goohle +, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn are all social sites. First of all Internet users in the world go to Search Engine, followed by Social Site. Everyday a person spends more than 2 hours on Social Site. 100 Crore people are active on these social sites throughout the day. The popularity of these sites is increasing day by day. Facebook is the world's most popular social site.

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