50,000 volunteers take final test of China vaccine

50,000 volunteers take final test of China vaccine

More than 50,000 volunteers from ten countries took part in the final phase of a Covida vaccine developed by China's National Biotech Group (CN4BG), a Chinese herbal company, on Saturday. The tests are being carried out in Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Peru and Argentina. It is reported that the countries that have conducted the third and final humanitarian tests are more likely to use the vaccine in their own country. "It simply came to our notice then that the safety and efficacy of the vaccine in our country was very clear." Earlier in July, the CNBBG had announced that the final test for the vaccine would be conducted in Uzbekistan, and Pakistan was also interested. In this regard, foreign companies have been allotted CN4BG to allocate Rs 50 crore for unpublished and unannounced vaccines, the company said. Now that the company is capable of generating 30 crore units annually, it is developing the technology to increase it to 100 crore, said CNNBG Deputy Chief Zhang Yuntao. Similarly, the final phase of the Karonavak vaccine, developed by Sinovac, one of the Chinese companies, is underway in Brazil and Indonesia. Although the final tests of the two types of vaccines have not yet been completed, the Chinese government has allowed them to be used in patients in critical situations. Even more than 10,000 critically ill Covida-19 patients have been given coronavacc, according to the company.

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