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From China to Russia, most countries have spied on spyware for the coronavirus vaccine.

From China to Russia, most countries have spied on spyware for the coronavirus vaccine.

Most countries around the world have activated the Guinness World Records because of the competition for the coronavirus vaccine. Chinese intelligence hackers wanted to steal coronavirus vaccine data. So, they would only resort to this as a last resort. The University of North Carolina and other schools, which conduct state-of-the-art research, have been conducting secret surveillance of digital data without following the pharmaceutical company.

Not only is China a spy, but Russia's leading intelligence service, the SVR4, is also eyeing the vaccine research network in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. A British spy agency investigating the International Fiber Optic Cable first came to know about the spies' efforts. Iran also attempted to steal information on vaccine research. The United States has stepped up its efforts to keep an eye on enemy intelligence, and has stepped up security measures to protect data. In short, all the world's top spy services have been quick to point out information about vaccine research.

Interviews with current and former intelligence officials and others looking into intelligence efforts have revealed that the coronavirus epidemic has shaken intelligence agencies around the world. Every U.S. opposition has attempted to steal U.S. research, while Washington has taken steps to keep universities and corporations safe. Western intelligence officials say NATO intelligence, which has been monitoring the movement of Russian tanks and terrorist cells, has also expanded Kremlin's efforts to steal vaccine research.

China's efforts were complex. Senior intelligence officials say they used information from the World Health Organization (WHO) on vaccine-hacking efforts from the United States and Europe. It is not clear how China used its influential position in the World Health Organization to collect global vaccine research.

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