Indo-China border dispute: Air Force frequent flights

Indo-China border dispute: Air Force frequent flights

Significant mountain peaks on both the north and south sides of Pang So Lake have been thwarted by Chinese military heroes, thwarting Chinese military invasion efforts. Indian Javanese have been keeping a close eye on the Chinese military Javanese who have set up camp in Moldo. The Indian Air Force (IAF) has been conducting frequent flights to the LCA this morning to boost the morale of the Indian Army, which is patrolling the Gulf. Every few hours, Air Force fighter jets were seen flying in the air. Pangang has extended surveillance in the vicinity of Lake So Lake, including the LAC from the air. Border Road Organization staff are providing full assistance to the Army at the border in repairing and cleaning the road. India has been committed to resolving the dispute at the border through talks, but is determined to protect the country's integrity and sovereignty. In addition to diplomatic talks, the General and 4 Brigade level talks are held daily in Chusul. In Moscow, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh recently held bilateral talks with his Chinese counterpart.

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