Keshavananda Bharati's death

Keshavananda Bharati's death

Renowned saint and constitutional defender Swami Keshavananda Bharati (79) passed away today at the Edani Math in Kasaragarh, Kerala. Many dignitaries, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, have mourned his death. His Excellency Keshwananda Bharati will forever be remembered for his outstanding contribution to the security of the Indian Constitution, ”Modi said. He was an appellant to the historic judgment of the Supreme Court in 1933 on the basic structure of the Constitution. Swami Keshwananda went to the Supreme Court on March 21, 1970 against the Kerala government over ownership of the monastery. The verdict in the case was announced on April 24, 1973. The ruling said the basic structure of the constitution could not be distorted or amended. The Supreme Court has ruled that parliament cannot change the basic structure of the constitution. The 13-judge constitutional bench ruled. This is the largest constitutional bench in the history of the Supreme Court.

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