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Vodafone Idea will now be known as the 'VI' brand

Vodafone Idea will now be known as the 'VI' brand

Vodafone-Idea will now be available with a new brand name It will now be called ‘VI’ (‘V’) During the event, the company announced the new brand name and logo The new brand is named "V" for Vodafone and "I" for Idea Even after the merger of the two companies in India, both companies were still working in their own name, but now that has changed.

"We have brought in 'VI' with the future in mind and now both companies will be trading under the same brand," the company said in a statement. The company also has 5G technology along with 4G, the company said. The company also claims that 4G coverage has doubled across the country since the merger. Although the company has not announced any new plans during this time, it is expected that the tariff will increase.

Rabindra Takkar, CEO of Vodafone-Idea Limited, said Vodafone-Idea was founded two years ago as a joint venture. Since then, work has been underway to bring together both major networks and now it will be known as the VI brand name.

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